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Halide iOS App Updates with Smart Raw Feature & More

Oct 9, 2018

The Halide iOS app was just updated this week with a new Smart RAW feature. If you were not aware of this app before, it is one of the most popular camera apps out there on iOS. This is part of the version 1.10 update, which is available now through Apple’s App Store. There are a few new features and changes found in the Halide iOS update. We have all of the latest details about the new Halide iOS version 1.10, so keep reading to learn more.

Halide iOS Update Adds Smart RAW Capabilities

The best new feature to come to the Halide iOS app is the new Smart RAW feature. This feature is specifically designed for the iPhone XS, and it will allow you to get even better RAW images. There is automatic logic, which is new and it is part of the technology created for getting you even higher-quality RAW images. While we know the iPhone XS is still fairly new, Halide has already put out this update to enhance RAW images taken with the new iPhone.

In this new update, you will also find it is much easier to figure out the differences between the RAW images and JPEG images. Some people do have a hard time figuring out what all of the differences are between these two types of images. There is now an option to compare the picture, so you can see what it looks like in RAW and what it looks like in JPEG. This is definitely going to come in handy for people who might want to switch to the RAW image instead of the JPEG system image.

Halide iOS Update Brings New Apple Watch Optimizations

The Halide Apple Watch app also was updated with some new optimizations. These optimizations are going to make the experience better if you are on the Series 4 Apple Watch. You will notice that the app has been optimized to work with the larger screen that comes with the Series 4 Apple Watch. A lot of apps have not taken advantage of the bigger screen that comes with this new Apple Watch, which we have been surprised about. At least now, the Halide iOS app for the Apple Watch is one of the few to really take advantage of the bigger screen.

Other improvements for the Halide iOS app include some cleaning up of the iOS app itself. You will notice that the app size itself has been sliced right in half, making it the thinnest Halide iOS app to date. That is really great news for people who are concerned about the bulky size of Halide in the past. The app runs much smoother since it is about half the size. It takes less time to download and leaves you a ton of room on your device for other apps.

How to Get the Halide iOS App Update

If you would like to see the new Smart RAW feature in Halide, you need to download the newest update. The update is live right now on Apple’s App Store and this app will cost you $5.99 to download. Even if you do not normally purchase apps from Apple’s App Store, this is one camera app that you definitely will find worth the money.

For those of you who have this app already, you should notice the over-the-air update hitting your device this week. Some people have already reported that the app update has been installed onto their device. If you are not seeing the update yet, do not worry as you always can just grab it from Apple’ App Store if you do not want to wait.

Once you have downloaded and tried out the new Halide iOS app update, we want to know what you think about it. Do you enjoy the new Smart RAW feature and do you think that it enhances pictures taken with the new iPhone XS? Are you someone who enjoys photography on your iOS device? If you have not purchased the iPhone XS yet, we want to know if you are planning om making the purchase in the future? What other features would you like to see with the Halide iOS app in upcoming app updates? Let us know in the comments below as we would love to get your opinions on all of the new changes.

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