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Halo Infinite Heading to Steam Later in 2020

Jul 30, 2020

If you’ve been waiting for Halo Infinite to come to Steam, it looks like your wait will be over before you know it. We’ve just learned that this game will be coming to Steam later in 2020. That means you’ll still have to wait a few months, but by the end of the year, it will be on Steam. We knew about two years ago that this game would be coming out for the PC, but never knew when until now.

Halo Infinite Set to Hit Steam Late 2020

While we still have a little while to wait for Halo Infinite to hit Steam, at least we finally know that it’s coming later this year. This first-person shooter game has been talked about for a while in terms of it coming to PC, but we never knew many details about it. The good news is that there is already a Steam Store page for Halo Infinite, although it’s lacking quite a bit of detail at the current moment.

Halo Infinite is a first-person shooter game, that is one thing we definitely know about it. We don’t know anything yet in terms of the price it will be on Steam. There also is currently no pre-order option available on Steam, although that likely will be coming in the next couple of months. Even though you can’t pre-order the game yet, we did notice that you can add this game to your wish list right now. It’s a good idea to put this game on your wish list so that you don’t forget about it in between now and later in the year when it’s released.

Halo Infinite Steam Game Details We Know

As we mentioned, details about Halo Infinite on Steam are pretty vague and there’s still a lot of information to be released about the game. We do know that it’s your typical Halo game, meaning that if you’ve played a Halo game before you’ll feel comfortable off the bat with this game.

There is a campaign mode in the game that pits grunts against Master Chief. Multiplayer is also going to be a part of Halo Infinite although we don’t know much about that multiplayer mode yet. Those details are likely going to be released later on, so we will keep you informed on any other details we learn about the multiplayer mode.

We also know that with Halo Infinite for Steam, you will have the Forge mode once again, and a lot of people will be happy about that. Forge mode will allow you to create your own game modes and also create your own maps. The gameplay itself looks pretty standard for Halo, so there’s not a lot different from Halo Infinite. One thing that we do think is that it might be an open-world game, but that’s speculation based on checking out the gameplay.

Will You Play Halo Infinite When it Comes to Steam?

Even though the game looks open-world to us, reports have the game being somewhere in between the open-world and traditional Halo gameplay. We will just have to wait and see to know more about that, but we do know a couple of things about the toolkit that Master Chief will have in the game. Master Chief will have a grappling hook, which is going to allow him to pull himself up and also bring various items to him with ease. There will be the normal Halo guns you’re used to along with some new guns in Halo Infinite, so there’s a little old mixed in with a little new.

Don’t worry about how long you have to wait until Halo Infinite is released on Steam since it will fly by with all of the upcoming holidays and events. The last half of any year seems to go by a lot quicker than the first half. If you’re looking for a new first-person shooter game to get into, we definitely think that checking out Halo Infinite on Steam later this year is a great idea.

We want to hear from you in the comment area below about this new game. Are you someone that enjoys Halo games and have you been a fan of the franchise since the beginning? What Halo game has been your favorite thus far? Are you going to be downloading Halo Infinite as soon as it’s released on Steam? What do you hope is in the new game? Are there any things you dislike about Halo that you wish would be changed in future games?