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Handbrake Valet Hack, Cheats, & Tips for High Score & No Ads Unlock

Mar 27, 2018

Handbrake Valet is an arcade game brought to you by Meagan Harrington. This game is categorized as an arcade game, but more specifically, it is an endless driver game. Handbrake Valet is an extremely unique game in the sense that you are tasked with having to park a car on a busy city street. Although it sounds extremely simple, you must time when you want to use your handbrake and spin into your parking spot. If that is not challenging enough, the game throws you random curveballs such as a variety of parking space sizes and different car sizes.

The game also changes how fast the cars travel which can make the game extremely tricky. There are a lot of different things you need to take into account and master when playing this game. It is extremely rewarding to hit 5 parking spaces in a row and feel that sense of accomplishment. The game keeps track of your highest score to date and allows you to share funny moments with your friends via their share feature. On top of that, the game has a feature that tells you in how many games you have before you will get an advertisement during 2018.

The game is currently available for both Android and iTunes in 2018. The game has over 20,000 downloads and an average score of about 4.3 out of 5 for 2018.

About Handbrake Valet

That is a great feature as it doesn’t surprise you with random advertisements that will often frustrate and make you want to stop playing the game. The game also has a standings tab which, if you sign in through google play or iTunes, you will be able to see how you stand against all of your closest friends.

This is great so that you can constantly compete with your friends and see how you rank against them. It also gives you a goal to get towards so that you can brag to your friends about being the best at handbrake valet. If you are more of a solo player, you can also see how you rank up against people overall and see who the absolute best is at the game. 


Handbrake Valet does not have any sort of tutorial for the user to play to understand the game. Instead, you are forced to learn the controls all on your own. Fortunately, the game tells you that you only need to tap the left side of the screen to park on the left, and tap the right side of the screen to park on the right. The controls are super simple, but the timings and dynamics of the game are extremely complex.

The game has a settings tab in which you can find the developers Twitter, change your audio settings, and change the FPS (Frames per Second) at which the game runs. The ability to change your FPs in the game is a pretty cool feature that a lot of other games lack. If your phone cannot handle the game for whatever reason, it gives you the option to lower the frame rate so that you can play it without having to deal with any lag whatsoever.

Currently, Handbrake Valet does not offer any in app purchases. There is no monetary system in the game at the moment. There is no customization system in the game or anything to give players to work towards.

The game simply challenges players by attempting to beat their previous high score. I do like this concept as it takes away the feeling to grind the game for currency, or feel the need to have to purchase something with real life money to have some sort of advantage. The game is simple and meant for fun, not for cosmetics. You can easily compete with your friends and enjoy yourself while playing this game for extended periods of time.

Cheats & Tips for Handbrake Valet

My biggest tip for this game is to practice the timing. There are a lot of different variables in this game that you need to be able to deal with, but the biggest is the basic timing of when to hit the park button. Usually, a good rule of thumb is that when you are traveling at a normal speed, you should hit the park button when you are about to align your front tires with the car in front of the parking spot’s front tires. Once you have the basic timing down of that, you need to be able to learn about the parking spot sizes.


Generally, you have the really big parking spots when you are in the beginning stages of your round, and as you progress, the spots start to alternate between small, medium, and large. Being able to identify the parking spot at the top of your screen is also a really great tip. It can be easy to just miss the spot altogether and if you miss the parking spot you automatically fail. So you have to be able to recognize where the spot is and give yourself enough time to react to all of the variables.

Another variable that is important to get the hang of is that of the car’s speed. The speed generally starts off at a normal pace and increases randomly at around 5 points. Once the car speeds up, it can be extremely difficult to nail the timing and when to hit that park button. You just have to practice and get a hang of the timings.

Another huge tip in general is to just practice and not get frustrated. Practicing the timings are extremely important as the whole game’s premise revolves around you being able to nail the timing completely. The game is extremely frustrating if you just cannot get a hang of the timings and are unable to learn them. Not getting frustrated at this game is extremely important as it is a difficult game that challenges its users with its hard timing.

This game is meant to be hard and meant to be played for a while before you fully understand what is going on. I recommend playing the game with some of your friends as this can be a great way to play the game and learn it while still having a lot of fun. By simply playing with some of your friends, this can relieve a lot of the stress that comes with losing a lot and not feeling like you’re progressing at any pace. You can compete with your friends and have a fun time failing together, and eventually figuring it out together and helping each other become the best Valet parker in the game.  


The game provides users with a lot of features to be able to be competitive with your friends if you are not close by. You can share your scores with your friends via your texting app, Facebook, Twitter, or even by Email. On top of that, there is a leaderboards section which shows you all of your friend’s scores and all of the top scores in your respective region.  

Handbrake Valet Review

Overall, I give Handbrake Valet an 8/10. The gameplay is absolutely amazing and it provides users with addicting gameplay that can be played for an extended period of time with their friends. Handbrake Valet is unique and original which adds to how much I like this game. Although the game does not have a lot of content and the only thing you can do is compete against your own scores, the game is great at what it does and does not force a lot of useless cosmetics on the user.


Though if the developers planned on adding cosmetics, I think it would be alright considering they are not offering any other in app purchases. Basically anyone can play this game and enjoy it even though it can be a bit difficult in the beginning. The game does not have any tutorial and expects users to figure out the simple controls on their own. I think that is reasonable considering the game does not have a lot of controls to figure out.

This game is amazing and fulfills the genre of an endless arcade game well. The game also has an extremely fast pace which I love and even tells you when you are going to get an advertisement. The fact that it says that an ad will play in 4 more games is something I value so highly. I love the fact that they do not just randomly spam you with advertisements and throw off your gameplay and momentum. You know that the single 15 second ad is coming and it definitely upsets you less than just having them thrown at your randomly. It actually makes me not even mind watching the ads and supporting the developers when they do it this way.

If there was something that this game could improve upon, it would be the music and sound effects. Currently, there is absolutely no music in the game whatsoever. I think that adding some background elevator type music would enhance the user’s experience with this game a lot. A little bit of music goes a long way and allows the user to drown out other sounds and focus more on the gameplay. Worst happen, you just provide them with the option to mute the sound, which they already do! So, I think that adding some light music might go a long way.


As far as sound effects go, they are alright at best. The sound when you sucesfully park the car into the spot is rewarding, but I think it would be better if there was some sort of progression. For example, for hitting 5 spots in a row that a more cheerful sound plays showing you that you’ve made progress would be great. Those little sounds and details would go a long way and users generally like the feeling that they have made some progress. I think this would be a great addition to the game and overall improve how the game functions and how people will respond to it.

Handbrake Valet Ratings

Artwork: Overall, I give the artwork in this game an 8/10. The artwork is simple and the cars are all well designed and there is a variety of cars. The cars are not all just copy pasted and it seems like they do not repeat too often. I really like how the cars look, including my favorite, the ice cream truck. Other than that, the background and city scape looks great as well. The road looks great. The buildings on the sides look great. I think the artwork in this game is one of the strong points of the game because everything looks great and seems to fit.

The art style is cartoon like but not too cartoony that you feel weird playing it. It is a great balance and feels like the people who worked on the game really took their time and put a lot of effort into the artwork. I think that the only thing that could be improved is having different backgrounds or streets that you drive on. Giving the user variety keeps the game fresh and allows them to look at something different every once in a while. Throwing in a dirt road, or a highway, or other streets would be a refreshing look and add to the game overall.

Music and SFX: The music and Sound Effects get a 6/10. There currently is no music in the game, and I think that is definitely something that should be added into the game in the future. The sound effects are alright. The sound that plays when you successfully park a car in its spot is rewarding, but it sounds the same each time. I think that showing some progression in the sounds would be great and definitely enhance the user’s experience.

The crashing sounds are also something that could be worked upon. No matter how you hit the other cars, the sounds are always the same. I think that varying the sounds would be extremely helpful and keep the game refreshing and not feel repetitive.

Story and Originality: The story and originality gets an 8/10. Currently, the game does not have any story whatsoever. Although, I do not think this is a bad thing because the game does not really need any sort of story. It would seem forced and out of place if a story was randomly thrown into this game. The game isn’t something you play for the story, but simply for the gameplay and the addicting qualities it has. The originality of this game is definitely there. I cannot think of another game in which you have to park a car at high speeds and account for a lot of variables.

I love this genre of game and thought that Handbrake Valet did a great job of separating itself from every other game in the same genre. I think that as far as improving, the only thing that could be improved upon is some originality issues. The game could easily stand apart even more by allowing the users to select where they want to drive, or what they see in the background or on the streets. Perhaps allowing them to pick what city they wish to drive in would be a great addition, or allowing them to customize all of the cars that are in the game. I think a little bit of tweaking in that department would go a long way.

General Gameplay and Addictiveness: General Gameplay and Addictiveness gets an 8/10. The general gameplay is absolutely amazing and I love how the game plays. The game is smooth and you can select at which frame rate you would like to play. It is a very simple idea with a lot of variables to master in order to fully be really good at. The game is not interrupted by any annoying advertisements or glitches that I have encountered thus far.

The game is also extremely addicting. If you are competing with some of your friends, you can easily go at it for upwards of an hour just seeing who can park the most cars and who the better valet person is. The only thing that could improve the gameplay is adding some elements to make the game seem new each time you play it and not get repetitive. Like suggested above, I think that being able to choose what city you drive in has a lot of potential in keeping the game refreshing and new.

Overall, I think that Handbrake Valet is a great game that is extremely addicting and has great gameplay. The game does suffer from some repetitive backgrounds and lacking music, but I think that the gameplay definitely makes up for it. The game allows you to share your scores with your friends and compete with them and see who has the highest score. This game does a lot of things right, and I can easily see why this game is as popular as it is.