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Hands-on: Sony Xperia X Series

Apr 16, 2016

Hands-on: Sony Xperia X Series: Today, with the respective flagship releases, Samsung and LG may be at the talk of the town but it is quite safe to say that neither OEM did a good job with keeping things under the wraps in the run up of their launch. However, there is a company that has taken us with a bit more surprise is Sony, earlier today who introduced an absolutely brand new series of smartphones under the Xperia X moniker.sony xperia a performance and xa aa 2

Hands-on: Sony Xperia X Series

The three devices which comes in the mid-range to high end and at the MWC 2016.  So, now we go with the Sony Xperia X line.

With subtle curves on the sides the Xperia XA features a bezel-less display gives the phone a pebble like pleasant feel. The smartphone is very light as it just weighs 137.4 grams and with 8mm thickness, so the handling experience is really very good. Of course, its not the biggest phone as it has only 5- inch display. To give it a signature round look the power button is on the side returns. Camera shutter also makes return here and it provides offer a better features. The Xperia XA comes in black, bronze, white and mint.sony-xperia-X-X-performance-and-xa-aa-6-840x472

The Xperia X performance and Xperia X  share somehow the same design with one another but neither of these two smartphone models come with the edge to edge display. Yes the X performance and Xperia X have a lot in common with Xperia Z line when the design language is compared and a major difference is that it has rounded sides and corners and a change to a full metal design. All three Xperia X family members share the same overall footprint and screen size. But the X Performance and X are little heavier than the Xperia XA with the weight of 164 grams and 153 grams.sony-xperia-x-performance-aa-4-840x561

On very short lifecycles, Sony has been criticized for launching a very similar smartphones. As mentioned previously, all the devices comes with a 5- inch IPS LCD panels, but while the X performance and Xperia X comes with a full HD resolution where as Xperia XA comes with the 720p resolution. Also returning is Sony’s X- Reality and Triluminos technologies, it will pump up the color when especially consuming media. Overall, they all are fairly common but a competent display that you may find quite to complain about.

The processing package starts where the , X performance and Xperia XA gets diverges. The Xperia XA comes with the MediaTek MT6755 it is an octa core chip that is mostly used in mid-range devices.sony-xperia-xa-aa-2-840x561

However, as per the performance is concerned, the short time we have spended on the devices we could see that they really were running unfinished software. Even on the high end X performance there were a lot of instances that were lag throughout and the camera was also significantly buggy. But taking few photos in quick succession on maximum resolution resulted in the phone becoming warm and unresponsive.

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Of course, Sony will iron out most of the issues in the time for the commercial release of the device, so we will have to wait till then, when we will get our review units to give a final verdict with regards to the performance.sony xperia X X performance and xa aa 10

The another issue we saw was the absence of the fingerprint sensor in the software that was mentioned, even though both the X performance and Xperia X comes with the one embedded into the power button.sony xperia x performance aa 3

Now coming on to the software side things, all the devices are running on Android Marshmallow and returning is mostly stock like interface with the included Sony’s well known additions.

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Now coming on to the camera, X performance and X comes with the 23 MP rear shooters and front facing cameras of 13 MP, on the other side the Xperia XA comes with primary camera of 13 MP and front facing camera of 8 MP.sony xperia xa aa 10

So here is the quick look of Sony Xperia X line. The XA and Xperia X are the two good additions to the competitive id range space. Where as the X Performance is a bit of puzzler.

so choose the one which fits you the best!!