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Happy Wheels Getting More Content on iOS

Sep 23, 2015

Some good news for fans of Fancy Force’s game Happy Wheels, which is a gory physics-based game that is free on iOS, and that is more content is coming in the very near future for this game. Happy Wheels has only been out on iOS for a week, and it quickly shot up to the number one position on the top free games chart.


In 2010, Happy Wheels was released as a flash game, and it has really come a long way since those days, including with more playable characters and vehicles. There is also a community-driven level-creator too, and this now contains more than 6 million user-created levels. In terms of browser-based games, Happy Wheels really has been one of the best games out there, and it has seen huge success in the time it has been available. Even though it was successful as a browser-based game, there were many people who had not even heard of the game until an iOS version was made and released last week, but it quickly became a favorite among iOS gamers. The iOS version though is not nearly as good currently as the browser-based version was, because it really is just lacking a lot of content at this point. Good news though coming from Jim Bonacci, who is the developer of the game, and he said that it was intentional that the version released on iOS last week lacked all of the content that the users of the browser-based version were used to. According to Bonacci, he submitted only what he thought would be safe enough to get the game accepted into the Apple App Store, and then wanted to see how it was received before moving forward.

Specifically, Bonacci said in a statement that there was only one character available in the 15 levels that were provided, and there was no user level browser as some people have already pointed out. Bonacci said the game was released like this because it was more important to get Happy Wheels accepted into the Apple App Store, and the one character that is out, which is Segway guy, is the easiest to control out of all of the characters in the game. Bonacci said that there is a part where a dad and his son explode when they are crushed under a van, but he did not want this to be the first thing people saw or played with because he was afraid that would negatively impact how people judged the game. So there is obviously quite a bit of violence in this game, and Bonacci said violence was not the only thing he was worried about when he submitted the game for the Apple App Store. There is also a possibility that the user-created levels could somehow violate the guidelines Apple put into place, so he was worried about the level editor. Since there is a level editor, it basically lets the user submit whatever types of graphics and content they want in their own level, and possibly there could be levels with genitalia or other questionable things. It is not shocking though that user-created content is one of the more soulful and important parts of games though, as seen with Geometry Dash, and it is important for long-term success of games.

Bonacci said that he understands a new audience is now getting to try Happy Wheels for the first time, especially gamers who weren’t into browser-based games, even though it was a huge thing just a few years ago. Teenagers and young people today are playing most of their games on mobile, which means Bonacci sees a whole new generation of gamers that might enjoy Happy Wheels. For Bonacci, getting gamers to download and try the game, even if they have never heard of it before, is very important, and he wanted the stripped-down version because he knew it would help entice players to become more excited about the updates coming to the game. There is going to be a user level browser coming for this game very soon, and there will be “featured” levels for characters in the game too. The best thing to do is download the game and give it a try, and if you want to check out the full features for the game, you can check out the browser-based version to see what all the game is about. Giving users the stripped-down version is a good way to introduce the players to the Happy Wheels world, and give them time to get used to the controls and the style of the game before putting out the more wild characters and situations. Happy Wheels on iOS could quite possibly become even more popular than the browser-based version, especially once the updates start rolling in and players can play with a bunch of characters and get into the more hairier situations, but be aware, there is quite a bit of violence that will be coming up in the game, so this is definitely a game that may not be suitable for the younger generations.