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Hatch Bringing Free Games to Android in 2017

Dec 1, 2016

A company you might not have heard of before, but would recognize, is gearing up to bring over 100 games to Android in 2017. Hatch, a spinoff company of Rovio, which was the creator of Angry Birds, wants Android owners to be able to stream and play games without downloading them. This company, Hatch, also said that the gaming service will also come with some cool social features as well.

Hatch Free Game Service for Android Coming in 2017

Hatch wants the service to offer free games to everyone on Android, without needing to download the games to their devices first. This will allow people to stream and play the games anytime they want from anywhere, without worrying about taking up space on your device. There will be no updates featured in this service and also no in-app purchases, which keeps the games completely free for you to play. It is not known yet which Android devices Hatch will plan on making the gaming service available for, but you can expect at least Android 5 and higher will be able to play. You will be able to play these games whether you are on an Android tablet or Android smartphone.


The developers will make money from advertising and brand storytelling, and there will be another option for gamers too. The company is planning a paid subscription option as well, which will give gamers even more cool features, although those features have not been talked about or mentioned publicly yet. If you are into social aspects of games, you will be able to help or compete with others in online games, which is really cool. Another cool aspect is that you can broadcast and share your gaming footage with others, so it is similar to Twitch in that way. Single-player games also will have functionality which will allow players to get help from other gamers online. There will be a cloud-based server running all of this, which makes it a cool idea and a way to integrate social networking into the games.

Hatch will first release 100 games to play, with hits like Leo’s Fortune and Badland being available right off the bat. There also will be exclusive games like Ready to Boom, which will be able to use both the social and multiplayer aspects of the game. There is going to be an invite-only beta opportunity for people coming in the first half of 2017, but it is unclear how people can become part of this exclusive invite-only beta club. We will have more information on Hatch and how people can get the invites for the beta if we hear any more details on how it will all work, but for now, this is all of the information we have available.