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HBO Announces Mosaic iOS App Coming in November

Oct 9, 2017

If you have been following HBO, you might know that there will be a new six-part series coming called “Mosaic.” This television project will be out sometime early next year. It will be directed by Steven Soderbergh. In an effort to draw interest to the linear narrative project, HBO announced there will be an iOS app coming in November. The Mosaic iOS app is going to allow you to interact with the show. You will be able to shape outcomes of events that happen in the show.

Mosaic iOS App Takes Television Interaction to A New Level

The new Mosaic interactive app is going to allow you to do all kinds of things relating to the HBO show. HBO is putting out this iOS app to allow you to shape the outcomes of situations in the show, and also make various decisions for the show. With the Mosiac iOS app, you will also be able to watch the upcoming HBO show when it airs. It will be available starting in November and free to download. What is cool about this app is that you can choose which point of view that you would like to use to follow the story.

This is a lot different than just an app where you can go to watch the HBO show “Mosaic.” You will be building your very own experience as well. The experience will be from all of the materials that were written by both Soderbergh as well as Ed Solomon. The choices will all be mingled together, so each choice you make has the ability to impact other choices. With the Mosaic iOS app, you could end up with different endings or have the same scene with different versions.

Mosaic iOS App Debuts Before January 2018 Release

It appears that “Mosaic” which will be a linear narrative is set to hit HBO sometime in January 2018. The network is going to allow you to see how well your version of events lines up. You will be comparing with the narrative that Soderbergh has created for the show. The Mosaic iOS app will allow for a type of engagement that has not really been used before. There is a certain type of fluidity between the technology being used here and the story of the show.

The other cool thing about this Mosaic iOS app and the show “Mosaic” is the same characters will be used. Paul Reubens, Sharon Stone, Beau Bridges, and Garrett Hedlund will be starring in their respective character roles. There will be content and character profiles in the Mosaic iOS app.

In the app, you will also hear various voice recordings. You might also see newspaper clippings in the iOS app too. This will be for a more in-depth story. HBO has not really said what the plot of this show will be about.

What We Know about the Mosaic iOS App & Show

There will be some type of murder mystery element to “Mosaic” but beyond that HBO has not said much about what we can expect. We do know that the “Mosaic” iOS app could also be used as a social app for you and your friends. You can load up the app and play around with the choices.

From there, you can then share what you and your friend created as far as story and events go. This could be a very interesting and new way to involve the audience in a television series. We will definitely be interested in seeing where this type of interaction goes. If this sounds like a fun app to you, head on over to Apple’s App Store and check out the Mosaic iOS app.