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HDR Playback Support Coming Soon to Chrome on Android

Dec 3, 2017

There is now going to be HDR playback support on Google Chrome for Android. The new video playback support was just announced. If you have Android 7.0 Nougat or above on your Android device, you might have noticed that there is official support for this feature for Android. The issue with that is that the individual applications have to support the HDR extraction of the metadata from the videos. Now, it appears that Google Chrome is going to be getting the capability regardless as long as you have a supported device. Read on to learn more about the HDR playback support which will be coming very soon to Android.

HDR Playback Support Launching on Chrome for Android

We just heard that HDR playback support will be coming to Google Chrome on Android. HDR if you did not know, is high dynamic range video. This is the next improvement in the world of video quality. HDR video is important because the color accuracy and contrast are greatly improved with this new format. The color space is also much wider with HDR.

The official support for HDR showed up on Android 7.0 Nougat. As far as the Android official support goes, each device needs to support the high-color depth. Every single application also has to support the ability to get the HDR metadata from each of the videos. A compatible display is also needed this there is a wider color space. Flagship devices often times have the abilities to support HDR, along with major apps. The applications like Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play Movies have launched support for HDR playback.

This is where Google Chrome comes into play, as it appears Google Chrome for Android is going to be the next product to support HDR playback. The ability to extract that HDR metadata will occur and this information will then go onto the MediaCodec. You will then be able to play these HDR videos on any device that is supporting the HDR playback feature. Higher video quality is going to be the most noticeable different when you load up Google Chrome once this HDR support is implemented.

HDR Playback in Chrome for Android Allows for Higher Video Quality

The higher video quality is going to be a much needed feature on Google Chrome. The only bad part about this is that there is not a lot of HDR content yet available. Since HDR is still a pretty new video format, not many apps or websites are currently using HDR as a format. This means that most people probably will not use HDR or notice HDR on many apps for now. It could take two or three years to get more apps and websites to begin implementing the HDR playback regularly. Another issue with the HDR playback is that you need more bandwidth.

Since the HDR content is bigger and more detailed, more bandwidth is needed since more data has been encoded. In third-world countries and areas where Internet or cell phone connections are sparse, the HDR playback is definitely not going to work very well. The data speeds alone could limit how many people are using HDR playback, especially in those areas where speed and connectivity is a problem.

Overall, if you have a good Internet speed and an Android device that supports HDR playback, then this news about Google Chrome is a good thing. You will be able to load up YouTube right now to see what the HDR playback looks like on your HDR playback supported device. We do not know exactly when Google Chrome will be getting the HDR playback support. It should be within the next couple weeks though, so keep your eyes open for that.

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