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Here is why Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone fails to excite

Feb 26, 2016

Here is why Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone fails to excite: The Xiaomi Mi 5 does not manage to satisfy the users. The phone was launched at the Mobile World Congress 2016. The phone is priced at Rs. 20000. The performance as well as the camera is very impressive, it even has the latest Android operating system but still the device does not bring anything new but is an example of another monotonous Xiaomi smart phone. Thus, Xiaomi Mi 5 image sample share by Global VP.Xiaomi Mi 5, Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone

Here is why Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone fails to excite

The reasons are briefed here. Have a look at them:


The design of the smart phone is quite similar to other ones. The design is a lot like the Mi Note Pro which was released in China a while back. Moreover, the phone also has a lot of similarity with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the iPhone 6s. Thus the mobile does not really provide something new for the users. There is a finger print scanner but that is not something new. Other phones have it too.


Although the display is quite impressive but still it is not something new. The Mi 5 also have a similar display. The phone comes with a 5.1 inch screen which is full HD and fails to break from the monotonicity.


The mobile comes with a decent processor but then again, even Le Max Pro has the same processor- that is Snapdragon 820. The three variants of Mi 5 have 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB internal storage and 3 GB, 4 GB and 4 GB RAM respectively. It does not have the expandable memory slot and has a battery of 3000 mAh.


The operating system in the gadget is Android 6.0 Marshmallow but even the MIUI 7 has the same operating system which was released almost a year back. Thus this phone does not come with something different. Note, Xiaomi’s Mi 5 launching in 4 Variants date confirmed.


The camera quality is very good, perhaps amazing when compared to the price of the phone. It has the image stabilization feature. But, that does not make it a very exciting feature because almost all Xiaomi phones have a very good camera quality. Thus there is nothing new about this also.