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High Noon VR Western Shooter Hits Steam

Nov 16, 2017

If you are looking for a new shooter game on Steam, you might want to check out the new addition High Noon VR. This is just the latest game to hit Steam with a focus on virtual reality, as more people are getting virtual reality headsets for the PC gaming platform.

We expect that even more games in virtual reality will be coming to Steam within the next several months. That is because more game developers are utilizing the virtual reality technology in their Steam games. Read on to learn all about High Noon VR, and why this game might be appealing to you.

Shooter High Noon VR Comes to Steam

High Noon VR is definitely a great addition to the virtual reality games offered on Steam. This is a wild west shooter game, which as you might know, the Western genre has been a source of entertainment for years. There have been many Western movies and television shows through the years. The Western themes have then transcended into the gaming world. Call of Juarez and Red Dead Redemption also used the Western theme, and now High Noon VR is the latest game to incorporate the Western genre.

Throughout history, Westerns have become a staple in America and source of entertainment for millions. If you have ever wondered about what the Western genre would look like in virtual reality, High Noon VR gives you that opportunity. Even better is that High Noon VR on Steam is going to cost you less than $10 to purchase. Octobox Interactive, which is a Russian studio developed this game. The game was then published by the Russian company Buka Entertainment.

High Noon VR Steam Game Details

As far as what High Noon VR is all about, this is a game where you become the Sheriff in an isolated and small town. You are trying to bring law and order back into the name law enforcement, which might sound familiar given the current state of affairs in real life. In the game, you need to try to take out the outlaws and violent bandits that have almost completely taken over your small and quaint town.

You will be able to go into various environments that are well-known parts of the Wild West. This includes going through the swinging doors at your saloon in order to try to quickly find all of the outlaws. There are other things in the game that give you the feel of a real Western too, such as riding a horse through the dust-ridden town.

Even More High Noon VR Game Details

The sun is beating down on you as you make your way through the Western town. You will have a ton of weapons that you can use as well in the game. In a Western, usually the Sheriff has a gun on their hip in which they draw really quickly. You will have way more than just a small handgun to get the job done, including a harpoon gun and dynamite.

Yes, you will have more than just a rifle or revolver helping you take out the bad guys. We love the fact that there is definitely more weapons to utilize in High Noon VR than what you might remember from that old Western movie. The difficulty will become higher as you move through the game.

You will notice that in High Noon VR, the outlaws all have their own behaviors, skills, and looks. This means that you have to be careful when you encounter an outlaw. They will all be bad and have skills that are unique from one another. You can upgrade your weapons, which is definitely something you need to do regularly, especially as you move through the more difficult levels and areas. If you get multiple kills or get a headshot, you will also earn some good rewards. High Noon VR is currently priced at around $9.50 on Steam and it is available if you have the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive.