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Hinge Dating App Now Back on Android

Jul 11, 2017

If you are looking for a new dating app on Android, you might be happy to know that Hinge is back on Google Play Store. Hinge has been off of Google Play Store for over 9 months now, but it is finally back. This is good news for people on Android that are looking for a dating app or app to just be social with other people.

Hinge Dating App Now Back on Google Play

It has been a long 9 months since Hinge was last seen on Google Play Store. It is finally back on Google Play Store, which is good news for people that are looking to download a cool dating app that is very reliable and popular. Hinge thinks that it is going to be growing about 30 percent just by coming back on Google Play Store, at least that is what the company is hoping for.

For people on Android, the fact that Hinge thinks it will grow a lot on Google Play Store means that you might have a better chance at finding a match. Whether you are looking for a serious dating partner, you just want to hook up with someone, or just talk to someone, you can do all of that on Hinge. There are all kinds of people on Hinge from various backgrounds, locations, and situations to make dating on this app really fun and enjoyable.

Hinge even said that the active user base is growing too, with there being a 50 percent increase just in the past couple months. That is pretty huge considering all of the other dating apps that are out there like Tinder and Bumble. Whether you are running Hinge on iOS or Android, the fact that more and more people are using the app is really good news if you are looking for a popular dating app to check out.

Since Hinge said this is the daily active user base growing this much, you are more likely to find real people to hookup with instead of people who are no longer using the service or people who are only using the service here and there.

Hinge Competing with Tinder

When it comes to Tinder, that app is known for having a ton of spam and bots. Not to mention, a ton of people on Tinder are looking for one thing and one thing only. If you have more in mind than just mindless sex with a stranger that you will never see again, then Hinge might be a more appropriate option for you. Hinge also does not have the bots or spam that Tinder does, and since it is just now back on Android, that means there is more of a chance people are downloading it to check it out.

This app is free to download and it is even moving into other countries to attract even more people. You can search for Hinge by name on Google Play Store, although it is possible that it might not come up yet since it just came back up on Android. You can also choose to search by using “CRTL+F” and then type in the name of the app in order to see it.

The good news here is that if you are on Android you will now be able to reuse the app if you missed out the first time it was available on Google Play Store. If you used it previously, you should still think about checking out the app again, since the app appears to be growing more than ever before. Regardless of your age or your attraction criteria, you are likely to find some people to chat with and possible hookup with or go on some dates with using this app.