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Hitman: Episode 2 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One Review

May 2, 2016

Hitman: Episode 2 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One Review: After the solid albeit technically poor debut, the Hitman’s second episode called as the World of Tomorrow is now digitally available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. It takes place in coastal town of the Sapienza, Italy. Let’s read on it to find out wheather it is a return to form or a damp squib?Hitman Episode 2 Review

Hitman: Episode 2 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One Review

Your mission is to assassinate the two scientists who are working on a designer virus that could put the ICA and your employers out of the business that too aside from well by leaving the world in chaos. Honorable or not honorable intentions aside, you will also have tasked to destroy the virus.

While it may sound like the script out of cheesy 1990s action movie, the reality is the lot more understated. Akin to a Paris mission, you will infiltrate the location and keep an eye out for the opportunities to complete your goals or simply turn into the playground of death or a rather opulent one at that. There is a bio-lab, graveyard, projector room, golf course and a whole lot more you can use to your advantage.Hitman Episode 2 Graphics

A host of ways to play from the outset is open up from the sprawling environs. They will also allow for a sense of bravado by letting you gun and run and by using the surroundings to your advantage and compensating for the lackluster gameplay. But do remember if that is how you are playing the Hitman then you are probably doing it wrong. More than that at your disposal you will not be making complete use of all the possibilities and some of them are obvious from the beginning.

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Don the disguise of mansion’s hired help, simply sneak in or masquerade as a delivery boy for a florist, right from the get go, the developer IO Interactive will give you an ample means to get started. This will extend to your assassination methods as well. There are all the tools of the trade such as the fibre wire, silenced pistol and poison to name a few. The Sapienza will also lend itself to some rather unique means. These will include using an exploding golf ball or by just decking yourself up as a statue of the medieval plague doctor who is waiting for the right moment to strike.Hitman Episode 2 Game

It is compared with Paris which took some tries before one could figure out that what approach will work to complete the objectives, even one as simple as getting to some specific location, Sapienza ia a lot freer flowing and accessible. This is due to the intricacies and the details that are bound to please newcomers and hardcore fans. Thanks to the colourful, varied art direction, the Hitman: Episode 2 – the Sapienza does not get boring either.

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However there is one glaring point that has to be concern. The previous episode setting the things up nicely in terms of the overarching story, Episode 2 does a little to take things forward. There is not much in the way that of the narrative payoff and it comes across as the remarkably light on the plot.

Hitman; Episode 2- runs smooth sticking on the consistent frame of 30 per second.Hitman Episode 2

If the Hitman’s Paris mission was on the indication that thoughtful then the complex design was not dead and then the Sapienza appears to be the full expression of that and it also does not guarantee that the upcoming episodes will be as good but it do wonders to elevate the game that was under the criticism for it staggered release.


  • Slick art direction
  • Improves over the first mission almost every way
  • Consistently great attention to detail


  • Light on story
  • Still sports a ridiculous always online requirement
  • Ratings (out of 10): 8