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HoloLens to be Released with New Apps

Sep 23, 2015

Microsoft has always been around to compete with other huge companies like Apple, Google, et cetera but they have always managed to provide the latest and greatest when it comes to new technology. One of their most recent ventures were the HoloLens. The HoloLens are very similar to the idea of Google glasses and being able to use this technology in every day life as people are walking around (does not seem very safe but hopefully they make it so that it does not become a distraction in every day life). Well this new product may be coming sooner than fans expected because Microsoft is planning on releasing their first line of apps that are compatible with the HoloLens on Windows Phones. Currently one app has been released for it which was the Microsoft IT Showcase which was released on Monday and is a free application that shows how companies and developers are using Microsoft products in their lines of work.

This image shows possible ways in which the HoloLens will be used in everyday life.
(This image shows possible ways in which the HoloLens will be used in everyday life.)

There does seem to be that much shown so far for the HoloLens and its compatible apps which seems quite disappointing but there have been showcases of it in action like for video games like Minecraft which show a great new step in phone user interaction. There are no announced apps so far but it is expected that an actual developers kit for the HoloLens may be released in the year 2016 or sooner if Microsoft decides to dedicate more time to make sure this device can garner more attention than the Google Glass. Odd enough, the web listing for the HoloLens does not show photos of it in action so this could have been released accidentally with this uninteresting app or possibly Microsoft wanted to release it discreetly but whatever the choice was we may never know the answer. However what is known for sure is that the HoloLens will have support universal support apps so it should be interesting how certain apps run on this new device.

In conclusion, Microsoft should hopefully release the HoloLens in the upcoming months to next year but we can only be optimistic about the future and see if the company provides a ground breaking new device. It looks like it has potential but Microsoft will have to dedicate more time to this app to make sure it is fully functional without error at release. Hopefully next time they give a sneak peek into this new equipment they will also release a more interesting app so that more people start watching this product unfold rather than the not so exciting Microsoft IT Showcase app but only the future will tell what path Microsoft takes with its product.