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Honor 8 Pro & Honor 9 Now Getting Android Oreo Update

Feb 3, 2018

Good news if you have the Honor 8 Pro or the Honor 9, as the Android Oreo update should be rolling out now to those devices. It is important to mention that the update will be rolling out first for people in the U.K., and then will be released elsewhere. The new Android Oreo update will bring both devices to the new Android Oreo 8.1, which is good news for those with the older smartphones. Here is all of the latest news about the Honor 8 Pro and Honor 9 getting the Android Oreo 8.1 update.

Honor 8 Pro & Honor 9 Receiving Android Oreo 8.1 Update

If you have not heard of the Honor 8 Pro or Honor 9, these are two of the mid-range smartphones that are popular right now. The Honor 8 Pro and Honor 9 are a little bit older, with the newest devices being the Honor 7X and the Honor View 10. Honor is a sub-brand of Huawei, which is one of the leading Android smartphone manufacturers out there. The Android 8.1 update is good news for people on these two smartphones, since they have been waiting for a while to get this update. It is important to note that the update is rolling out in phases.

As far as Android Oreo goes, there are plenty of new features to get people excited. Boot time is much quicker in this new operating system, and you will have a quicker overall performance. The picture-in-picture mode is one of the standout features of Android Oreo, as well as the notification dots. More than 60 new emojis also come as part of the update, and Settings is down to 11 options. Settings previously had 28 options, which was just too many and it was overwhelming.

Honor 8 Pro & 9 Move Ahead with Android Oreo Updates

As far as Honor goes, the company is also going to be making the Smart Tips feature better. Smart Tips will now tell you better details on how you can get the most out of your Honor smartphone. The Smart Tips feature was good before, but improving it should improve the types of tips that you will be getting.

Speaking of Android Oreo, did we also tell you that there is a password autofill option? This should help you when it comes to the websites you visit regularly. No longer will you need to type in your password on your smartphone, since autofill can automatically input those passwords for you. Along with that, adaptive icons are also part of the Android Oreo package.

More About Honor 8 Pro & Honor 9

When it comes to the Honor 8 Pro, it was launched back in April 2017, and includes a 5.7-inch screen. There was up to 64GB ROM and 6GB RAM on this device, along with the dual 12MP rear cameras and the 8MP front-facing camera. The Honor 9 was released in June 2017, which featured a 5.15-inch screen. With the Honor 9, you got 4GB or 6GB RAM and 128GB internal ROM. A dual 12MP and 20MP rear-camera setup allowed for some pretty amazing pictures. The front-facing camera was 8MP, which isn’t bad but it was not the best either.

It seems like these two smartphones have been out much longer than early to mid 2017, but we are happy both devices are now getting Android Oreo 8.1. Tell us in the comments if you own either of these devices, and if so, are you excited for Android Oreo? Do you think this is going to make your Android device more useful and functional? Are you excited about the improved Smart Tips feature?