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House Party Returns to Steam With Censor Bars

Aug 6, 2017

You might have heard about House Party on Steam and how this game was “banned” from the platform for the content within the game. Good news if you were looking to play House Party because the game is now back on the PC gaming platform, but with added censorship bars. This particular game was called out for being very sexually explicit, including some allegations that the game was promoting sexual assault.

That allegation was from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, also known as the NCOSE. The game is back on Steam now, with the censorship bars, so you cannot see the graphic content that is featured in the game. Read on to learn more about House Party and what types of activities you can do in this very adult-like game.

House Party Comes Back to Steam with Censorship Bars

While groups like the National Center on Sexual Exploitation might have seen the game as promoting sexual assault, it seems that the Steam world really liked this game. House Party is from Eek Games and it has sold over 35,000 copies just in the first month of being on Steam Early Access. It would appear that the many groups calling this game out and people seeing the game on Twitch has enabled the game to sell thousands of copies on Steam.

Between YouTube streamers and Twitch streamers, there was a huge interest in this game. This was mostly because before the game was banned and brought back with censorship bars, there was full-on nudity and sex scenes being shown.

In House Party, your main goal is to get the women to have sex with you. This could be by doing things like getting the girls alone and away from her friends or it could be by blackmailing them or other options. Valve got a letter last week from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation that stated the game is more of a virtual how-to on committing various sex crimes, including things like getting women drunk in order to sleep with them.

House Party ended up getting mass complaints on Steam and that did leave to Valve removing the game from the gaming platform. The developers of House Party were not pleased about this. Eek Games then took to the Internet to talk about how the game is supposed to be a raunchy comedy and funny. Eek Games claims the nudity and sexual scenes in the game are only a small fraction of the gameplay, and there is much more to the game than that.

House Party Developer Not Changing Game Itself

While the developers of House Party were not pleased with the game being taken off Steam due to the outrage, the developers did say they respected the decision from Valve. Many groups were complaning and Valve then asked Eek Games to add in-game censorship bars for certain sexual scenes.

The in-game censorship bars would have to be present regardless of whether or not the user preferences were set to show this type of content or not. Well, House Party just was updated and went back onto Steam with those in-game censorship bars in place.

Eek Games said that no changes to the actual game were made, just the in-game censorship bars were added. The developers say this game portrays sexual acts as they are meant to be. The developer has even added a Steam patch that you can purchase to get the uncensored game visuals back.

There is also a Patreon version of the game that is still uncensored you can purchase as well. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation seems to not be happy with just the added censorship bars, adding that depicting acts like sexual assault are still present regardless of the bars.

It is unclear whether or not groups will demand this game be pulled from Steam for good unless the game is completely changed. It would appear that the developer, Eek Games, is not looking to change the actual content of the game. We will have to wait and see where this goes, but if you would like to see what the fuss is all about, you can head to Steam and check out House Party for yourself.