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How to increase storage space on your iPhone?

Apr 2, 2016

How to increase storage space on your iPhone: Apple Company had discovered Weird trick as an unusual hack which can dramatically increase the 1 to 2 GB storage space available on your iPhone.Apple Iphone

How to increase storage space on your iPhone?

This weird trick is capable of freeing up gigabytes of space on your phone that 1 to 2GB space on your iPhone, which always come in handy if you are using a lower-capacity device in it.

To see how this crazy trick works, go to Settings>General>About, and scroll down to ‘Available’.

First check how much storage you have left, and then head to the iTunes Store.

Then Search how big is your film and how much space left on your iPhone. Something like film Wrong Turn should do the trick.

Then give click ‘Rent’ at the top of the page. Please do not  worry, if you don’t have room, you won’t be charged, and an error box pop up and saying you don’t have enough available storage will appear.

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Then   clicked ‘OK’, go back to settings and check your storage availability again and whether is increased or not, potentially quite significantly may be larger than image.

However it is not completely clear what causes the increase in available space, but it seems like the attempted download causes the phone to clear its caches on the iPhone.

By the way it is a continuous process, always happening on your phone, and the device attached will detects automatically when it was running low on space.

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This weird trick appears to explicitly force the iPhone to clean out it and freeing up a lot of space in one goon the iphone.

And, after installing a few mobile apps and store the music, photos, videos, and then probably you are mostly run out of storage.

You can repeat this process a few times more. You can call it as a crazy trick and you can try to reclaim some of the used-up space.

Similar way you can repeat the entire process a few times. For now, it was unclear on how the trick works, but it probably has got to do with some cache and other storage from apps getting cleaned up.