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    Best Ways To Learn About Bitcoin in 2018

    Jan 16, 2018

    Bitcoin has become one of the hottest topics in news media since the digital currency hit $1000 in value. Everyone with an interest in making money wants to invest in bitcoins. But beneath the excitement to earn money is a technology with great potential. Here are six different resources to enlighten you about bitcoin, its technology, benefits and applications in the real world.

    Bitcoin News Channels

    There are over a dozen top websites that specialize in cryptocurrency news. At the top of these news channels is Cointelegraph, a website launched for the sole purposes of writing bitcoin news. Cointelegraph is available both as a website and as an app. Here are top 5 news channels to subscribe to:

    • Cointelegraph- Cointelegraph is a dedicated news channel for bitcoins, Initial Coin Offerings and new blockchain technologies.
    • Coindesk-launched in 2013, Coindesk offers comprehensive news and guides on cryptocurrencies.
    • Crypt0 YouTube Channel-This is a popular vlog for bitcoin news.
    • Bitcoin.com-Like Coindesk, this website offers both news and comprehensive bitcoin articles.
    • Cryptocoinnews.com-this is yet another news website and mobile app that specializes in cryptocurrency news.

    Online Guides

    There are numerous websites and academic platforms that sell or offer comprehensive articles about bitcoin in the form of a PDF document. A good guide should cover everything you need to know about bitcoin, from basics, trading, earning with bitcoins to risks involved. People who wish to get an online guide without paying can visit www.abitgreedy.com. Udemy.com on the other hand is a great academic community to find both free and paid bitcoin guides.

    Bitcoin Books

    Most online guides can teach you a lot about bitcoins, but a good book can give you a new perspective. There have been several books about bitcoins published since 2009, some of which achieved great commercial success. Here is a list of top 5 bitcoin books:

    • Mastering Bitcoin-Published in 2014 by Andrea M. Antonopoulos, the book explains the technology behind bitcoin in an easy to understand, methodical manner. You can also get an updated 2017 edition of the same book.
    • Cryptoassets-published in 2017 by Jack Tata, the book explores cryptocurrencies as well as other technologies like tokens.
    • Digital Gold-published in 2017 by Abraham White, this is the ideal book for someone who wishes to learn how to earn money with bitcoins.
    • Digital gold-published in 2015 by Nathaniel Popper, this is an interesting book for everyone who would like to get some theories about the inventor of bitcoin as well as learn about bitcoin millionaires.
    • Bitcoin from beginner to Expert-published by Christian Newman, this is a great book for people who wish to become bitcoin investors.

    Bitcoin Communities

    Bitcoin communities on reddit, Quora and social media networks are great resources for beginners. On reddit and Quora, two popular forums for all genres, topics about cryptocurrencies are posted frequently. Thousands of people contribute on the networks, making them extremely resourceful. Join any community where members are respectful, educated and enthusiastic about bitcoins.

    Bitcoin Mobile Apps

    As mobile consumption increases, bitcoin enthusiasts are taking their discussions to mobile devices. There are many mobile ready apps that can keep you updated about the cryptocurrency network. Some of the apps are typical news channels while some offer in depth knowledge about bitcoin trading. Here are the top 5 mobile apps for bitcoin learners:

    • Bitcoin checker
    • Coin Tracking
    • Ztrader
    • Cointelegraph news app
    • Lawnmower

    Other Resources

    There are several other platforms that can help you learn about bitcoins. Some of them offer highly informative and up to date data. Some are just great to check out. Here are top 5 un-official resources to learn bitcoin:

    • Wikipedia.
    • Social media-join a bitcoin Facebook group.
    • Blogs
    • Friends who know more about bitcoin.
    • Newspapers and magazines.


    Compared to five years ago, finding resources to help you understand bitcoin better is easy. Download a bitcoin app or join a community. Download an online guide or follow bitcoin conversations on social media. Whatever you do, stay updated about this mystery digital currency as it could soon become part of your everyday life.