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How to move videos and photos from memory card to phone

Mar 20, 2016

How to move videos and photos from memory card to phone: Here is the way you can transfer all kinds of Medias present in your Samsung smart phones with the version 4.2 jelly bean. You can copy or move medias with considerable ease. If you have purchased a new memory card and looking for a way to transfer medias into it, then here are the steps that will enable you to do it. Smartphones do not do this automatically but you can do it automatically.

How to move videos and photos from memory card to phone

Even if you need to format your phone, you can back up your data. You should store all your data safely before formatting your phone.samsung-galaxy-s-4-my-files-all-files-sd-memory-card-option-selected

At first you need to ensure whether your memory card is mounted properly or not and can read it or not. After your memory card has been connected to the phone, you can move on to the next step. Now you have to start looking for the files that you want to transfer. You can look for your medias at the Device storage icon in the My file folder.

In order to move your pictures and files into a memory card, first select all the files from the desired location and then click on the copy option. After that, go to your memory card folder and click on paste- all your pictures will be copied. You can move in a similar manner by clicking on move.samsung-galaxy-s-4-my-files-all-files-device-storage-option-selected

It is highly advisable to use the copy option rather than the move option because if any kind of problems occur in the software, copying files will save all your files where as move option may lead to loss of data. When you copy files, the desired documents are copied and thus there is a set in the phone memory and another in the memory card. When you are sure that the transfer is successful, you can delete one pack of the files.samsung-galaxy-s-4-my-files-all-files-device-storage-list, How to move videos and photos from memory card to phone

When you are copying or moving files, you should ensure that you have a DCIM folder, if you do not have, you can make one. Before transferring, the documents will be processed and once it is processed, your files will be transferred.

After your transfer is complete you can unmount your memory card if you want and also insert it in some other gadget and access the files.

If you wish, you can also copy or move entire folders but it is not quite recommended since that can cause several software issues. It is better that you copy the individual files separately.

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This way you can back up all your important files and folders to your memory card and keep it safe incase your phone’s software malfunctions.

This method allows easy transfer of files and helps you keep all your confidential datas safe. You can also navigate through your apps with ease and easily locate any file or media. This way you can also copy files from your memory card to your phone memory.

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I hope this way helpful, start transferring your files now.