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HP Chrome Book 13 Laptop Review

Aug 3, 2016

HP Chrome Book 13 Laptop ReviewHP made its Chromebook 13, especially for corporate users. This Chromebook is first in its own category which comes with a 3200*1800 QHD+ display and a Core m processor. The main feature of Chromebook is its slender profile and brushed-aluminum sheen. We all know that HP made the finest laptops with the sleek, smooth and dashing design. HP Chromebook is the slightly better with the Dell Chromebook 13 with its design as well as speed.

The price of both the laptops is almost same but not the features. Acer Chromebook 14 also looks similar but has not the great features as HP Chromebook 13 and the price is also very less than that of HP Chromebook. The HP Chromebook is the first who is a very close competitor with the Google’s Chromebook pixel flagship and available in the less price than Google’s Chromebook.HP Chrome Book 13 Laptop Review

HP Chrome Book 13 Laptop Review

According to the company Chromebook 13 is just 0.51 inch thick which makes it the slimmest in its category and the weight is just 2.65 pounds which make its lightest. The aluminum-magnesium chassis makes the design even better and gives a metallic look and a brushed finish. Because of its ultrathin design, there are two USB ports with the transfer speed of 5Gbps instead of 10Gbps and audio jack at a side. On the other side of the laptop, there is Micro SD card slot.  The design of the laptop is enhanced by its stylish island-style keyboard which gives an extraordinary feeling and a good sized trackpad with a diamond-chiselled rim. A pretty good high-defined sound is delivered by a Bang & Olufsen speaker at the top of the keyboard and just underneath the piano hinge.HP Chrome Book 13 Laptop speakers

The 13.3 inches IPS display gives a QHD+ resolution of the 3200*1800 pixels which is higher than the resolution of the Google’s Chromebook which is just 2560*1700 pixels given its 12.85-inch display. This higher resolution makes the icons shrink due to that unreadable. So the better resolution to read properly is 1600*900 pixels. The company said that a touchscreen version will available later in the year but the cost and the weight will increase accordingly as we all know.

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If we talk about the performance of the HP Chromebook 13 then this laptop is featured with Core m processors. In general, Core m5 SKU comes with 8GB of LPDDR3 RAM and 32 GB of eMMC storage. The performance is enhanced by these processors but we feel a little warmth in the upper left area of the keyboard. Beside this, the Google’s Chromebook is featured with corei5 5200U which performs slightly less than CoreM5 processors.HP Chrome Book 13 Laptop ports

Google’s Octane 2.0 JavaScript benchmark simulates advanced browser-based activities, including games, interactive content and productivity applications, in this feature the HP Chromebook is one step ahead than other Chromebooks. In a WebGL test which focuses on the graphic-intensive applications and games, HP Chromebook is slightly behind from the Google’s Chromebook. In tests which cover web-based technologies including WebGL 1.0.2 and WebGL 2.0 real-time graphics as well as JavaScripts, the HP Chromebook performs better than Google’s Chromebook.HP Chrome Book 13 Laptop looks

Now, if we talk about the battery backup then it makes a disappointment in mind because HP Chromebook is not as good in the case of battery backup. According to the company the range of battery life may vary between 8.75 to 11.5 hours but in actual life the results may vary. The laptop has a 3-cell, 45Wh Li-ion battery which can give backup of 8.13 hrs. the Google’s Chromebook is better than any other laptop in the category. Google’s Chromebook gives backup of 13.05 hrs. and the Dell’s Chromebook performs best in the category with the backup of 15.22 hours. HP Chrome Book 13 Laptop design

After all of these features and comparisons, HP Chromebook is earning higher ratings because it is light, sleek, interactive, and beautiful and at the less cost than Google’s Chromebook. We hope that you like the review of HP Chromebook.

  • Christopher Evert

    Curious if this will have the Android Play store (Android apps)?
    Seems like a dealbreaker in today’s Chromebook world if it doesn’t – meaning, the more I spend on a Chromebook, the more insurance I expect I’ve purchase against obsoletion.
    Since this one doesn’t have a touchscreen, and there’s no mention of it in the article, I’d expect it is very possible that it might not be in the path for future Android app compatibility. That’s too bad.