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HQ Trivia Android App Finally Released

Jan 1, 2018

It has been a long time in the making, but the HQ Trivia Android app has officially been released. You will now be able to find the app on Google Play Store. We have been talking up the release of the HQ Trivia Android app for a while. It was at first thought to be released on Christmas. That release ended up not happening, but then we learned it would be coming within the next week.

There was even a special New Year’s Eve game that was held at 11:45 EST, to celebrate the Android release. The New  Year’s Eve game was huge, with a chance of winning up to $18,000. This might just be the game for you, if you are looking for a new Android game to get into this year. Who doesn’t want to play a game with a chance at real money prizes? We have all of the latest news, so read on to learn more about the HQ Trivia Android app.

HQ Trivia Android App Released on Google Play

We have been talking up the HQ Trivia Android app for a while now. We even mentioned last week that you could pre-register to be notified once the game was released on Google Play. If you followed our advice, then you probably already know that HQ Trivia was released on Android. You might have already downloaded the game by taking our advice. With this game, you have the chance to win real money, but it is a lot harder than you might think.

There are 12 questions that you answer in the game, with the questions getting harder as the game goes on. If you answer all of the questions correctly, you will be able to win real money at the end of the game. One wrong answer on the 12 questions means you are kicked out of the game, and thus you have no chance at winning money. So basically, answer correctly to continue on in the game or answer wrong and be kicked out of the game.

Even more tricky with HQ Trivia is that you only have 10 seconds to answer each question. This does not give you much time to think of the correct response. That helps guarantee people are not just looking up those answers on their computer. A real person is involved in hosting the game, usually a comedian. There are several games throughout the day, so you can login and join the game during any one of the times the game is set to begin. HQ Trivia is very popular on iOS, so it has been a game many people have been waiting for to get released on Android.

HQ Trivia Android App Gives You Chance to Win Real Money

As we have stated, you must answer all 12 trivia questions correctly. You need to answer correctly in order to have a chance to win real money at the end of the game. HQ Trivia now will likely have a smaller jackpot at the end of the game. This is because it is now available on both iOS and Android. The first game on Android was about $18,000. This was one of the bigger money amounts that HQ Trivia has put out there. This game is cross-platform, which means that both people from iOS and Android will be in the game.

Another thing about the HQ Trivia Android app is that it currently states it is in Early Access mode. That could result in some bugs or issues for people who are trying to play the game. Since it is in Early Access mode, it means there are still issues that need to be worked out. The developers likely wanted to get the game out to Google Play Store as soon as possible.

There will likely be an update in the near future to fix any issues or bugs that are still present in the Android version. One thing that we also need to mention is that if you have at least won $20 in the game, you can then transfer your winnings to your PayPal account. The chance to win real money is what has made HQ Trivia so popular. Even better, is that the money can be cashed out through PayPal. The only requirement to cash out is that you have won at least $20.

If you would like a chance to win real money and also have fun at the same time, then you must check out this game. You can now officially download HQ Trivia on your Android device. So tell us in the comments if you have downloaded the Android version of HQ Trivia yet and if you have already played a game. Do you think you will easily be able to win money in this game? Are you happy that it is cross-platform even if that means the money has to be divided up for more people?