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HTC 10 Review

Apr 17, 2016

HTC 10 Review: Over a last couple of years, HTC has hit a bit of rough patch. The flagship of HTC’s 2015 brought with it everything the company would know for it also include the fantastic software experience and an impeccable design, but in the key aspects this device failed to live up.HTC 10

HTC 10 Review

This time HTC may have dropped the One moniker but they are certainly hoping that the latest high end offering will be the one that would result in a reversal fortune.HTC 10 Smartphone


With the HTC 10, the company has made all metal unibody construction but yes to make some separation from its predecessors the company has made some additions and refinements to the design language.HTC 10 Side Buttons

The HTC 10 is 9mm thick and this is a little bit more than its competition and overall footprint of the device is also larger than the other high end smartphones. However, at the back there is subtle change but the device do sit comfortably in the palm of your hand and the slightly higher width, height and thickness will go unnoticed.

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HTC 10 Game Play

The majority can be seen between HTC 10 and its predecessors in the UP front. Below the display the highly disliked black HTC bar is seen with almost every smartphone from the other company. But the lack of previously standard speaker may be somehow disappointing. But yes the good news is that the BoomSound is still around, this time above the display the time consisting of front-facing speaker given and at the bottom the sub woofer is given right next to the USB Type-C port. The notification LED is just below the top speaker and the front facing camera is just next to it.HTC 10 Display

Once again with the 10 the HTC has proved that it is capable of making attractive and different smartphones. This time HTC has removed some elements like the dreaded black bar and BoomSound speaker setup.


Now coming on to the display, the HTC 10comes with a Super LCD5 – 5.2 inch display and Quad HD resolution and pixel density results in 565 ppi. The  Super LCD5 display performs very well, with the high brightness that allows the easy visibility  even in the direct sunlight with good amount of saturation. Also, HTC has made sure that this screen adheres the NTSC standard.

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The temperature of the color can be changed in the settings, but default options has not yet raised any concerns till yet. As expected, the gaming is a joy on the display and text is very sharp by giving the higher resolution.  It should be noticed that some banding can be seen at certain angles and the color fidelity is also falling a touch but it has a fantastic display experience.HTC 10 Back Camera


Very much like any other smartphone flagship that has been launched in this year the HTC 10 comes with the greatest and latest processing package that is currently available. This device is powered by the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 820, which is clocked at 2.15 GHz and it is backed by the Adreno 530 GPU and 4 GB of RAM.HTC 10 Device

As mentioned above the gaming section is very much smooth. The smartphone flies through a various elements of the user interface that too with any slow down while loading applications  or while switching between them with the Recent Apps on screen.

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With no major crash or lag we have not experienced any major holes on the app performance.


Now moving on to the hardware, for further enhancing the HTC has made some key additions in this area. On the home button up front it added the fingerprint reader. The implementation is somehow similar to the HTC One A9 and works in the same way. When in standby position it can sense the fingerprint and can unlock the device and go straight in the home screen.HTC 10 Software

With the Motion Gestures it can react to a number of different commands.


The HTC 10 comes with non- removable 3,000 mAh unit . HTC do boast up the phone and offers two days worth of battery life and via its Qualcomm’s QuickCharger it will provide a fast charging capabilities.HTC 10 Chargin Slot


HTC is prioritizing pixel sixe over the megapixel count and as a result, it will gives 12 Ultrapixels with a 1.22 micron pixel size. Further bolsters low light performance with an f/1.8 aperture and the camera comes with a optical image stabilization.HTC 10 Camera


  • with refinements – signature HTC design
  • performance is smooth and snappy
  • super LCD 5 display looks good
  • expandable storage
  • quick charge with solid battery life
  • OIS in front facing camera
  • HTC’s best ever smartphone camera
  • HTC sense is simple and functional


  • Fingerprint reader disjoints motion gestures
  • Metal construction still plenty slippery
  • Camera does not quite match up to other flagships
  • Metal construction still plenty slippery

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