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Hulu App Update Brings Live TV Guide & More

May 20, 2018

The Hulu app for both iOS and Android is getting a new update, which should be rolling out in the coming days. In this new update, a few additional features have been added and also there are some general improvements. Hulu is one of the biggest streaming apps out there for people on iOS, Android, and the web. We thought we would tell you about some of the biggest changes you will find if you download the new Hulu app update.

Hulu App on iOS & Android Brings Live TV Guide & Much More

The first feature we wanted to tell you about coming to the Hulu app for iOS and Android is the new Live TV Guide. This was released earlier this past week on Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, and Apple TV. The Live TV Guide feature was also released to the Nintendo Switch this week, but now iOS and Android are getting the feature. This is one of the many new features coming to the mobile apps, which are all designed to make the mobile experience better.

Live TV Guide is a feature that allows you to get to live television quickly, without having to go through a ton of prompts. You will be able to see what is on television right now and what will be coming on television in the next few hours. There is going to be a portrait player, which will tell you what is on television right now. From there, you can easily go between various channels and you will not need to go into landscape mode in order to browse. If you rotate your mobile device horizontally, you can then get into full screen mode.

The Hulu app on iOS and Android will also start offering you recommendations based on what you are watching right now. These recommendations will all be on what the app thinks you might want to watch next based on current television viewing. In order to see these recommendations, you will need to rotate your Android or iOS device into portrait mode. This is definitely going to be a feature that will optimize the mobile experience on both iOS and Android. That is not all though, and we will tell you about a few more new features slated to hit with this update too.

Hulu App Update Also Brings Better Scrubbing Options

Beyond the new Live TV Guide, both the iOS and Android apps are also getting better scrubbing techniques. New frame previews and scrubbing is coming, which allows you to easier navigate television shows and movies. You will be able to rewatch the entire show or movie, skip to the specific scene you are looking for, and even skip ahead. There is also new HDMI support coming to the iOS app, which will allow you to connect your iPhone to a television. You just need to have the HDMI adapter and lightning cable in order to do this.

If you are in the Watch History section, you will now see a “Remove” option and a “Stop Suggesting” option. These two options will allow you to better your recommendations to what you actually like and will watch on Hulu. It will also help tailor the recommendations within Hulu to your specific television habits and genres.

All of this is going to help you have a better and more enjoyable Hulu experience, both on Android and on iOS. The recommendations and other features allow you to better find content suitable for you, and it can help your entire family as well. Searching is going to be a lot easier now and the ability to find similar content is going to improve with this update.

Hulu Apps Bringing More Personalization & Customization

There is also a new feature for the web version of Hulu, which is that you can try the new Hulu Experience which is just for the web. You will have to be a live television subscriber in order to get this new Hulu Experience though. These are just some of the biggest changes and new features coming to both the Hulu iOS app and the Hulu Android app. Regardless of what type of movie or television show you watch, you will find it much easier to navigate the apps and utilize the apps for your own needs.

Do not worry if you do not see this particular Hulu app update yet, since it is likely not going to completely roll out for the next few days. Some people might already see the update, while other people might not see it until early next week. Either way, it is definitely coming soon and it will be useful and helpful to you when you go to watch movies or television shows.

We want to know what you think of these changes coming to the Hulu apps. Do you like the new scrubbing ability, which gives you an easier way to find a specific scene? Are you happy that you will get better recommendations now based off what you are watching right now? What else would you like to see in the Hulu apps that have not become a feature yet?