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IDC: iPad Pro Outsells Microsoft’s Surface Tablets in Q4 2015

Feb 3, 2016

IDC: iPad Pro Outsells Microsoft’s Surface Tablets in Q4 2015: The industry of tablets, that once flourished successfully, is now showing a drop in their sales. By the end of 2015, the former sizzling markets of tablets showed signs of decrease in their sales, reported by a tracker. According to the news given by the research firm, IDC, there was a great percentage decrease of the sales in the fourth quarter of the year 2015. The sales almost dropped by 13.7% and a total of 65.9 million gadgets were shipped across the world.

If you consider the entire year, 2015, then the total percentage drop of sales was 10.1%. The year prior to this, a total of 206.8 million devices were shipped. Reported as accordance to the news provided by IDC.

iPad Pro Tablet
iPad Pro Tablet

During the year, 2014, the sales of tablets increased manifold and the industry had a sizzling growth. But, after a year or so, the evolution of laptops occurred where slim laptops came into the markets. People preferred slim laptops over tablets, thus, leading to the decrease in sales in the year 2015. The consumers had opted for slim laptops and replaced the tablets after a while.

An attractive part of the tablet industry is the launch of the tablets with removable keyboards such as in the iPad Pro. The detachable keyboard tablets have made the industry a lot brighter than before. The new concept is making the industry grow, in accordance to the IDC. According to statistics, there were 8.1 million detachable tablets which were shipped in the year 2015.

The major reason why the people are opting for the detachable tablets is because that gives an alternative for the PC and laptops. They are user friendly, easy to carry and light weighted.

Apple has successfully sold 2 million devices in the 2015 whereas Microsoft has managed to sell as many as 1.6 million devices, which consisted more of Surface Pro rather than the Surface 3 which seemed for affordable. Thus, considering this fact, we can assume that it is not the price which is counting but the performance given by the detachable gadgets.

The IDC analyst, Jitesh Ubrani stated that, Apple iPad Pro was the winner as far sales of the devices were concerned. iPad Pro emerged to be the best detachable unit, the top selling one. Google’s new detachable device should be transformed and improved in order to achieve success and out bid the Apple gadgets.

Apple continues to be at the top of the industry with total sales of 16.1 million devices in the fourth quarter of 2015. That is a share of twenty five percent approximately even though there was a drop of twenty five percent sales.

After Apple, Samsung was second in the industry with almost fourteen percent share with a sale of around nine million devices. Further, Amazon ranked third with a sale of around five million gadgets with a market share of eight percent. The fourth and fifth ranks were taken by Lenovo and Huawei respectively.