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Top 5 Identity Monitoring Apps for 2018

Nov 12, 2017

When it comes to protecting your identity, there are a lot of great identity monitoring apps available that you can use. The identity monitoring services will allow you to get real-time information on your credit score and credit activities. Just think about if someone is trying to use your social security number. These apps will alert you to the information that is being used. It is always better to have identity monitoring apps even if you never need it.

Identity theft is a huge problem now that people use mobile and online banking and shop online. With so many different identity monitoring apps available, you might be wondering which ones are the best to use. We are going to talk about the top five identity monitoring apps out there. We are also going to tell you how they can help protect your identity.

Best Identity Monitoring Apps

Lifelock– Lifelock is a name you have probably heard about before on television. The popularity of this app is why it tops our list of the best identity monitoring apps. There is an Android and iOS app available for you to check out. Even better, is that this app will run on almost any device. With Lifelock, you can choose from various plans and services. There are a ton of features and services that are offered.

You can get a plan as low as $10 and others will range in the $30 per month area. Lifelock will help protect your identity and monitor your identity. This all will help to keep your financial information safe. If there is suspected fraud, you will be immediately alerted to it. The company will work with you to stop the fraud or theft. They will help you no matter what time or where you live. Regardless of your income or situation, there is a Lifelock plan or service that will help protect and monitor your identity.

Credit Karma– Credit Karma easily makes our list of one of the best identity monitoring apps you can download today for iOS or Android. This app is very simple to use since you just have to sign up for the service and there you go. It is a credit checking app and identity monitoring app.

You will be able to see if there is debt or any credit cards showing up on your credit score. Since this is a free app, you will see advertisements as that is how the app makes revenue. There are promotions for credit cards and other similar things in the advertisements. You can easily ignore these advertisements though, especially if you are just using Credit Karma as an identity monitoring app.

WalletHub– WalletHub is also one of the top identity monitoring apps you can get for both iOS and Android. This app is free and works a lot like Credit Karma. Simply sign up for the free account and you will see an updated credit score every day, which is pretty frequent. The app will monitor your identity and alert you if purchases are made using your information. The user-interface is very simple to figure out and it is designed very well for even the technogically-challenged.

You can easily ignore the advertisements in WalletHub just like you can in Credit Karma. The advertisements are nothing major and since you are using this app for identity monitoring, it should not get in your way. This is a great app for identity monitoring and protection. There are also other features in the app too, such as tips on how you can improve your credit scores or tips on quickly paying off credit cards.

Equifax ID Patrol- Equifax ID Patrol makes our list of the best identity monitoring apps available. There are three different plans available on both iOS and Android, so this is not a free identity monitoring service. You can get credit monitoring and ID theft protection in either a $19.95 per month plan or a $29.95 per month plan. The family plan is the more expensive, so if you are single you can use the $19.95 per month plan and it will be enough.

You will also get credit scores and reports in the ID Patrol app. These also are not free and one called Complete Report will cost you $39.95. Another good thing about Equifax ID Patrol is that you also can control and lock your Equifax Credit Files, which can stop unauthorized credit activity.

We know that Equifax has been in the news lately for some negative press. Specifically, people having their information hacked from the app. That is ironic for a company that helps protect your identity and credit. Even with the recent negative press, Equifax ID Patrol is great. It is an app and service that will definitely help keep your finances in check.

Credit Sesame– Lastly, on our list of best identity monitoring apps is Credit Sesame. This app is available for both iOS and Android and is free. Credit Sesame boasts a rating of over 4 out of 5. It is one of the most popular identity monitoring apps available.

This app will do a lot of things including monitoring your credit and identity. There is also a free credit score available within the app and it will monitor your credit for possible fraud. You also can get advice from Credit Sesame. Some tips on how you can improve your credit are also included. If you are looking for both an identity monitoring app and an overall credit score app, this is a great choice. It is also very easy to use and the interface is very simple to understand.