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iMessages Support Added on YouTube iOS App Update

Oct 4, 2017

If you have the newest YouTube iOS app update, you will be happy to know there is now iMessages support in the app. This is a great new addition because it is going to allow you to quickly share videos you are watching or want someone to check out.

You will need to have the latest YouTube app for iOS in order to see the new iMessages support. It should be rolling out right now, but if you do not want to wait, you can head to Apple’s App Store and download it today. We have all of the latest news about the iMessages support addition for the YouTube iOS app.

Support for iMessages in New YouTube iOS App Update

The new YouTube iOS app update has added support for iMessages. This means that you will quickly be able to send videos quickly and simply to friends and family. If you watch a video and want someone to check it out, the new iMessages support makes it so simple now. You can see the videos right within iMessages itself, so you will not need to get out of the app if someone sends you a YouTube video to check out.

If you are on the new YouTube iOS app, you will need to look below the video for the new feature. You will see the “Share” button right there underneath the video. When you do that, you will now see that iMessages is an option that you can click. Once you have clicked on iMessages, you can choose which person to send the view to and then the link will be sent over to them. After the person receives that YouTube video link from within their iMessages app, they can play it right from the app. Once the video begins to play in the iMessages app, it will bring it up into full-screen mode.

YouTube iOS App Provides iMessages Support for Easy Sharing

The best part about the new YouTube iOS app update is that you now have an easier way to share videos. This is just the latest thing that YouTube had added to the iOS app recently. Just last month the ReplayKit support was added. This allows for people to live-stream various iOS apps, with ReplayKit being something available since iOS 9.

The live-streaming feature of ReplayKit was just added in iOS 10, and YouTube decided to add support for that right before iOS 11 launched. YouTube Gaming first had the new ReplayKit support, and then it was added to the main YouTube iOS app.

The new version of the YouTube iOS app is version 12.38, so this should be rolling out to all iOS owners right now. If you are in the iMessages app, you will see the YouTube option right there in the app. You can click on it from iMessages and it will show you all of the most recent videos you have watched. You also can search and send videos right to your friends with one tap.

With the full-screen support now in iMessages, you will also see the playback controls. There is a recommended videos, watch later option, and also an open in app option. Previously, you had to go through a ton of steps in order to copy a YouTube link and share it manually to people. Now, everything is much quicker and easier for both the sender of the YouTube video and the person receiving the YouTube video link.