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The Importance of Having a Mobile App for your Business

Mar 8, 2018

When it comes to launching a business of your own, there are a range of different things that you need to consider – from how you will be going about promoting your business once it is up and running, to what your actual target market is. Another thing you really should be considering is having a mobile app for the business, as there are a number of important benefits that this can offer.


If you want your new business to have a real chance of succeeding, then you need people to notice it in the first place – and this is where a mobile app can be a real boost to your chances. People these days spend an enormous amount of time using mobile phones, with those in the US alone being on them for roughly 5 hours each day. Much of this time is spent browsing for interesting new apps on the App Store or Google Play, or simply browsing the internet for a business that meets their needs, and you want yours to be there for them to find.

Feedback and engagement

Another key to the success of your business is listening to your customer base and tweaking your product, service or advertising based on their feedback. Most people engage with businesses via their mobile devices these days, because they want to be able to access them instantaneously, making a mobile presence something you can’t afford not to have. As well as sales, this can also help you get feedback from them to improve your offering – something that 83 percent of companies surveyed last year said had improved their profit margins.


Building a long-term loyal relationship with customers is something that is key to business success – as the really long-term companies have customers who keep coming back to them. The ability to respond quickly to queries and complaints that mobile apps offer businesses helps to build these kinds of relationships. People are more likely to return to a company that deals quickly with an issue they have, while once you begin to build such a base you can use incentives like loyalty points – successfully deployed by Starbucks (– to keep them coming back.

These are just a few of the reasons why it is absolutely essential that you create a mobile app for your business, with the example of the online casino industry further showing why this is vital – and why you need the right platform for your app. When this industry began the process of shifting much of its online platform like Royal Vegas to mobile casino apps, it began by trying to launch apps within existing platforms like Apple’s App Store and Google Play – but encountered problems with the latter not allowing real play casino apps and the former banning payments through the app until summer 2017. Hence casino app only begun to gain the full benefit of having an app recently making it interesting to see how much the industry will grow.