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Incognito Mode Being Tested on YouTube Android App

May 19, 2018

If you have the YouTube app on your Android device, you might be excited to learn that incognito mode is being tested out right now. A ton of apps have been utilizing incognito mode to keep people from being tracked while browsing or searching the Internet. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are two of the most common apps where incognito mode is used the most. Now, the same great tracking prevention seems to be coming to the YouTube app on Android.

Incognito Mode Now Testing on Android YouTube App

The cool thing is that incognito mode is now being tested out on the YouTube Android app. We have already been using incognito mode on a ton of other apps. Google Chrome and Firefox use incognito mode, which helps keep what you are doing safe from being tracked. Usage history is not kept when incognito mode is turned on. That is definitely good news because it could be beneficial for people looking up certain videos on the YouTube Android app.

Previously, there was a harder way you could do all of this by going into the “Settings” and then moving to the “History & Privacy” section. From there, you can toggle the option to pause the search and watch history. Another way you could avoid being tracked is just by signing out of YouTube altogether on Android, but a lot of people do not like doing that. The process is going to get much easier with the new incognito option. You will not have to worry about going into the Settings and then going here or there.

Incognito Mode on YouTube Android App Easy to Access

The new way to utilize this mode is going to be very simple, since you just have to click on the avatar at the top right. For now, most people are just seeing “Sign Out” and “Switch Account” which will be changing when the feature goes live for everyone. It seems likely that there will be a combined option for both switching accounts or signing out. Taking the place of one of the slots is going to be the new “Turn on Incognito” option. So once you click your avatar at the top right, you will quickly be able to select the option to turn incognito mode on, just like many other apps have.

The cool thing is that if you enable the new incognito mode, you are not going to be tracked in terms of what your current activities are on YouTube. The subscriptions will all be hidden and the current session information is not saved. It is similar to being signed out of the YouTube Android app, even though you are logged in. From the picture above, you can see what the new mode will look like when you are in the YouTube Android app. You can clearly see where this mode is marked and how easy it is to get to.

More about YouTube Incognito Mode Feature

There is also an icon that will soon replace your regular avatar, that is specifically an icon for incognito. The only main issue right now is that this is still in testing. That means most people are not seeing the new feature quite yet. There is a server-side test going on right now, so it has not rolled out to everyone at this point.

We want to hear from you in the comments about what you think of the new incognito mode on Android. Do you think that it is a good thing for the YouTube Android app to have this new incognito mode? Will it allow you to do more things on YouTube, such as watch certain videos, since you know your activities are not being tracked? Do you think if you share a device that this new incognito mode will come in handy. Tell us your thoughts and opinions on the new incognito mode coming to the YouTube Android app in the comments below.