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India NetApp lays off over 150 employees in Bengaluru

Mar 3, 2016

India NetApp lays off over 150 employees in Bengaluru: According to the latest news, NetApp has laid off a huge amount of employees. The estimated number is around 150- 200. The company already had two thousand employees under itself and the previous Wednesday it laid off the mentioned number of employees in the state of Bengaluru.Netapp, India NetApp

India NetApp lays off over 150 employees in Bengaluru

It is not something sudden because two week prior to this, the company had already announced that they wish to cut down the work force since they are trying to reconstruct the business. They planned on cutting off the number of employees by twelve percent that would decrease the number of workers to approximately 1500 from 2000. Thus now, they lay off 150 to 200 employees.

He company claims that there have been a lot of distractions due to cloud as well as mobile for which all the enterprise technology players gave been adversely affected. Due to such reasons, EMC was sold to the tech company Dell. EMC was the competitor of NetApp and the announcement was made two months prior to this in January.

The employees of the company were already informed before they were laid off. They informed that they were asked to look for jobs two months before. Inclusive of this, all the employees were paid fully for two months hence and were also paid their basic pay for eight to ten months hence.

The employees informed that the company had called each employee personally and finalized their pay. Different employees were paid almost the same but with a slight variation. These news were given by a forty two year old manager who also mentioned that several employees were quite aged and searching for jobs for the senior people were definitely not an easy task.

The employees also mentioned that the mood of the people were good since they had already anticipated the lay off and thus they collected all their belongings on Wednesday. They accepted the fact that they would definitely miss the working environment at NetApp. That was majorly because the job was quite flexible and provide options like taking a leave as well as working from home when required. They were also very supportive in all fields.