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InFocus Bingo 10 Review

Apr 23, 2016

InFocus Bingo 10 Review: Entry level smartphone devices are not particularly exciting when compared to their higher end counterparts, for the obvious reason. However, InFocus Bingo 10 certainly piqued up our interest when it showed up in our lab. As it is the only smartphone that run on Android Marshmallow under the price of Rs. 5,000. So let’s find out its features and details.InFocus Bingo 10 Camera

InFocus Bingo 10 Review


In the series the Bingo 10 sits at the lowest rung, which includes the InFocus Bingo 50 and InFocus Bingo 21. In terms of the quality and build of plastics used, the phone looks like it can easily take a tumble or two and the phone feels rugged. The plastic chassis are very comfortable to hold and the textured back cover offers the good grip. Our unit has cyan the sides and a black back cover but when focused closer it offers another option with a white black and a lime green border. To improve the grip more there are slanting ridges at the sides.InFocus Bingo 10 Slot

Due to the lack of the any oleophobic coating, the screen smudges and easily pick up fingerprints which makes it tough to maintain the clean look.

  • With the pixel count of 217 ppi, the 4.5 inch of WVGA resolution display is not very ideal for multimedia and reading activity.
  • Viewing angles of the smartphone are not the best as you will notice a colour shift when tilt the device vertically.
  • For navigation you will get on-screen buttons, which will leave at the bottom a fair bit of empty space.
  • The front camera is accompanied by an LED flash
  • But there is no notification LED flash.
  • The power and volume buttons are on the right side.
  • On the top of the phone the headphones and Micro-USB sockets are given
  • On the back, near the top there is flash and camera of 5 megapixel.
  • Speakers are on the bottom


  • A replaceable battery of 2000mAh.
  • A regular SIM tray
  • A Micro-SIM tray
  • A slot of microSD card beneath it
  • It can support only upto 3G data
  • A The smartphone is powered by quad-core Media Tek MT6580A Soc.
  • Other connectivity options like Wi-Fi b/g/n, FM radio, Bluetooth and GPS.InFocus Bingo 10 Display

You will get 8 GB of storage out which 4.03 GB is only usable. The Android Marshmallow gets InFocus’s custom skin called as InLife UI 2.0, this will add some motions tweaks such as skip the next song or to quickly reject a call.InFocus Bingo 10 First Impression

While in terms of app you will get the following apps

  • Mobile Assistant for cleaning up the file
  • Bobble app
  • Power Detective for monitoring battery usage
  • The device also supports Now on Tap and Marshmallow’s Doze feature


It is nice to see a mix feature from InFocus and Marshmallow, the real world performance is not the exactly what you are expecting and this is the mostly due to low RAM and display. There is only on average about 320 MB of RAM at your disposal which might not be enough. The apps take quite a long time to launch and there is a noticeable lag while switching between them. Also, the display does not have a best touch response.InFocus Bingo 10 Charger

The call quality is good and we did not face any problems here. For conference call the speaker is fairly too loud but yes it is not best for the multimedia playback. The Bingo 10 offers equalizer presets and the audio quality through headphone is good.


The InFocus Bingo 10 has rear camera of 5 megapixel but it lacks with the autofocus. For both macros and landscapes the picture quality is below the average even in the daylight. On the other hand, the low light shots exhibits a lot of noise and are hardly usable. The camera app features panorama and HDR shooting modes but due to lack of autofocus you cannot take the advantage of the modes.  InFocus Bingo 10 Captured Img 1 InFocus Bingo 10 Captured Img 2 InFocus Bingo 10 Captured Img 3VERDICT

The InFocus Bingo 10 is marketed as the most affordable phone with Marshmallow, InFocus has cut many corners in order to achieve this goal. The Bingo 10 has good battery life and decent build but apart from this there is a very little that it has going for it.


  • Android Marshmallow
  • Good battery life
  • Decently built


  • Fixed-focus near camera
  • Sub-par overall performance
  • No 4G support
  • Underwhelming display