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Ingress Prime Launches on iOS & Android

Nov 9, 2018

Ingress Prime has finally launched on iOS and Android and we are super excited about this news. The company behind Ingress Prime is Niantic, which is the same company that brought you Pokemon Go. You might have heard about the original Ingress game before, as it launched way back in 2012.

The game basically took you outside to hunt in the real-world for virtual objects. It is very similar to Pokemon Go in that aspect, but there are several differences in this game. Niantic rebooted this game and it is more of a soft reboot than anything. We have all of the latest details about Ingress Prime, so keep reading to learn more about the new mobile release from Niantic.

Ingress Prime Now Available for iOS & Android

If you played Ingress back in the day, then you likely will understand what Ingress Prime is all about. The company soft rebooted the game with an easier process, which hopefully will get more people into the mobile game. The story will still be focused on collecting items organic in nature, but the story itself has been reset. You can join either of the two factions in the game, which are the Enlightened and the Resistance.

Around every three months, the other faction will win, and this will alternate so that the story will continue to change. If you have played Pokemon Go, then you will understand the game mechanics as it is very similar style to Pokemon Go. This means you have travel in real life in order to get things done in the game. With Ingress Prime, one of the main goals is to secure territory, and you will need to try to secure that objective throughout the game.

Ingress Prime Much Easier to Learn Than Original Game

One thing about Ingress Prime is that Niantic has made this game much easier to figure out than the original game. It will be much easier for you to learn the details of the game and also to sign up for this game as a new player. Once you join the game, you will be able to access the advanced tutorial.

This advanced tutorial will give you more in-depth information on how to play the game. It will also tell you more information on what exactly this game is all about. The in-depth tutorial is really going to help you out when it comes to figuring where you fit into the game. We really think that even if you played the original, you should check out the advanced tutorial.

Niantic has been developing this game for over six-years now, making the world of Ingress a better place. The company listened to the feedback from those playing the original game, which is in part why this game is much better. The quality of the game and the design of the game play were both changed in this game. Pokemon Go was also important in learning how to develop this game, especially when it comes to the real-world aspects of in-game hunting. You will find that the reboot is definitely more enjoyable and easier to navigate.

How to Play Ingress Prime Right Now on iOS & Android

You can play Ingress Prime right now on either your iOS device or Android device. The game is free to download through Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. With Ingress Prime, you will only need a Facebook or Google account to sign up and begin playing right now. This easy process makes it so simple to quickly sign up and begin playing right now.

If you have played the original game, then you will get more perks in the game as a returning player. Niantic has said that the company hopes people just start over in this game as opposed to continuing on from the original game. The game will be much easier for you and better if you just start over and begin all over again.

If you have tried out the new Ingress Prime, we want to hear from you in the comments below. Tell us what you think about the soft reboot and if you think it is much better than the original from 2012. If you had issues with the original game, tell us what those issues were and what you did not like about that game.

This game is supposed to be much easier to learn and figure out compared to the original. Once you have tried the game, leave us a comment and tell us if you think this reboot is easier to figure out and play over the original. Tell us everything that you liked and disliked with this game and what you hope Niantic will improve in the future.