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Instagram Adds Archive Feature to Android App

Jun 18, 2017

If you have an Android device, you might be interested in knowing about the newest Instagram update to Android. The new update for Android includes an archive feature, which will allow you to archive your posts. Read on to learn more about the new archive feature that is rolling out in the latest update to Instagram on Android.

Archive Feature Added in Instagram Android Update

If you love social media apps and have an Android device, you should know about the newest feature hitting the Instagram Android app. Instagram is rolling out an update to Android right now that adds an archive feature. This new feature is basically what it sounds like, which means that this feature will allow you to move your posts into an archive folder. Any post that you have made on Instagram is eligible to be moved into the archive folder, which is something that only you can see. This means that no one else will be able to see your posts with the new archive feature.

If you have the new Instagram update installed on your Android device, you will find that the icon for the new archive feature is found on the top of the app. You will notice the archive icon right on your profile, and this is what you need to click if you want to archive your posts. You will also be able to make the archive posts visible to other people by posting back to your profile. You can click “Show on Profile” and then this will make those archived posts visible. This archive feature can be found in version 10.21 of Instagram, which is now live in Google Play Store.

More on Archive Feature on Instagram

Instagram said that this new archive feature is great news for the people who use Instagram. The company said that you will be able to preserve all of the various moments in your life that matter. This is something that people will definitely find handy because it is hard to always keep track of those special moments in your life. The best part is that these archived posts will remain private unless you specify to include those back into your public page.

You will be able to cherish these moments in your life without worrying about what other people might think or feel seeing those posts. You will be able to change up your profile as well, adding in the archived posts that you want. This will allow you to share more of your life and share some of your favorite memories with your friends and family. While we talk all about Android here, we also should mention that this new feature is also available on iOS in the latest App Store update/

When it comes to Instagram, we heard about a month ago that Instagram was already testing out the new archive feature. With over 700 million monthly users, Instagram is one of the most-used social media apps out there on Android. Instagram also spoke about how this new feature will allow for you to personally view your old posts and memories.

It allows you a deeper window into the things that matter to you the most, and allows you to always have a place for special memories, events, and moments. With the new archive feature, it will also help decrease how many posts are deleted by users. Some users will delete a post if they do not get a lot of comments or likes on the post, so now the user can just move those posts to the archive folder instead.

This is just the latest update and new feature to hit Instagram in the recent months. There have been many new features added to Instagram lately, including support for more types of photo orientations and support for the web links. The app also recently added the location to your stories and has even added a way for you to save Live Videos. Not to mention, you also can head to the Explore section and use hashtag stories now. With over 100 million new users in just a four month period of time, it appears Instagram will continue to add more features to the Android app as the company tries to get even more new customers to join the platform.