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Instagram Adds New Camera Format & More

Apr 12, 2018

There is a new update for the Instagram iOS app that is bringing a different camera format. The new update is slowly rolling out to those on iOS. This new Instagram update will bring you a couple of new features. These new features are nice because it has been a minute since the app was updated with major additions. We try to keep you updated on all of the new features that hit social apps like Instagram, so that is why we are telling you all about these features. If you are into this popular social app, read on to learn more about the new features and what it all means for you.

Instagram Brings New Camera Format to iOS App

The new camera format is included in the Instagram Stories. You will see the new camera format as being labeled “Focus” which gives you the ability to take portrait shots. The portrait shots can be done using what is called the Bokeh effect. You can use either the front camera for this new “Focus” format or the rear camera. The background will be blurred in the “Focus” format and the face is going to be where the focus is at. This means you will have a more polished picture with the focus being on the face of the person and not the items in the background.

You can find the new camera format by going into the Instagram iOS app and then clicking on the tab for Stories. From there, the Focus button wikl be right by the Superzoom option. You will find this in the Record tab within the app. The Instagram app will then get to work detecting the face that is in the picture. Once the detection begins, you will notice the background being automatically blurred.

If you would like to record a video, you can just click on a photo or tap the button and hold down. The great news is that the new camera format will be available on various iOS devices. This includes the iPhone 6S and above, as well as the iPhone 8, iPhone 8Plus, and the iPhone X. The new camera format is not the only new feature in this update, so we will tell you about the other new feature as well.

Instagram Adds Mention Sticker Alongside the New Camera Format

There is also a new Instagram app feature called a Mention Sticker. This is specifically an iOS feature for now, but Android might get this update later on. The new Mention Sticker is easy to find because you just have to go over to the sticker tray. The @mention sticker is right there, and you just need to click on it. Begin by typing the username that you want to mention, and then there will be options that will show up.


The sticker is then created for you and you can re-position the sticker and resize it to fit your needs. This is a cool addition because the sticker provides another way you can communicate with someone else you want to mention. You can use this Mention Sticker both on videos and on images, which is pretty cool.

How to Get New Camera Format on Instagram Apps

If you would like to check out the new features, you must download Instagram version 39.0 through Apple’s App Store. The good news is that the first feature, the new camera format, is also coming out for Android. It will only be available for selected Android devices only, and you have to have specifically at least Android 5 or later. We want to hear from you on the new camera format Focus coming to the Instagram app.

Do you think Focus is a good thing since it will focus on the face rather than background images? The background being blurred out could be problematic if you are looking to get a cool background image or you are standing in front of something cool. We do not know when the second feature will roll out for Android, so we will have to keep an eye on that. You will find the new Focus feature though, right now on both iOS and Android.