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Instagram Android App Update Includes Offline Mode

Apr 18, 2017

When it comes to social apps, the Instagram Android app is one of the best out there. Instagram has become very popular over the past couple years. There have been a lot of app updates that Instagram has pushed out for the Android app. There was just a new Instagram Android app update released, which brings a new offline mode feature.

You might not think that this is a big deal or really that important for the social networking giant, but in reality, this new offline mode is a huge deal. We have all of the latest news about this new feature so continue reading to learn more.

Instagram Android App Now Has Offline Mode

The Instagram Android app just got a new update, which will bring the offline mode feature to Android users everywhere. When you look at Instagram, there are over 600 million users on Instagram and a big percentage of these users live outside of the United States. This means that a ton of people out there have low data plans, no data plans or spotty limited network connections. Well, Instagram is trying to make things easier for people that have spotty or limited internet access by making offline mode a new feature.

Instagram announced the new offline mode feature at F8, which should bring most people the ability to be on Instagram without internet. Since Android is the biggest mobile operating system in the world, it makes sense that Instagram would focus on Android first. Most people outside of the United States also use Android. This means that the priority to make the offline mode for most features should be with the Android app first. The good thing here, is that a lot of the features on the Instagram Android app will be compatible with the offline mode.

While there are not too many details right now about the Instagram Android app offline mode abilities, there are a few things we have learned are coming. People will be able to leave comments, unfollow, save various media files, view previously loaded content from the feed, and also see previously visited profiles. Once you are re-connected to the internet, those things that you do offline, such as like things, will then be synced up.

Why Instagram Android App Update Matters

When it comes to why this new update really matters, the answer is pretty simple. Instagram has a huge base outside of the United States. Out of all of those people, there is a large part of the world that is not regularly connected to the internet. In various developing countries, this will really allow people to get onto Instagram and see what is out there.

Sometimes it is data that is too expensive or other times there are issues with finding a stable internet connection. Regardless of the issues going on in the developing countries, it is now going to be much easier for Instagram to gain users by allowing and integrating this offline mode.

Even within the United States there are several rural areas where internet connections are shoddy and connections are just unreliable half the time. Not to mention, most companies have data restrictions, which means people cannot surf the internet as much as they want to without being sent a huge bill. So while the goal here is to help the developing countries, it is going to help a lot of people within our own country as well.

Facebook already has a version similar to this called Facebook Lite, which is very useful in those developing countries. Facebook Lite ended up gaining about 200 million users in the first year, which is pretty impressive for the social media company. The hope is that the Instagram Android app will follow the same growth course, especially since Android is the primary mobile device in these types of developing countries.