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New Instagram App “Flow” Released for the iPhone

Sep 24, 2015

A new third-party app for Instagram just hit the iPhone, and this is one of the best unofficial apps out there on the market in terms of using mobile Instagram. This app is called Flow, and it was released just about two years ago for the iPad, but now it has finally come around to the iPhone. Since this is a third-party app it is important to remember Flow only lets you look and like on Instragram, since third-party apps cannot be used in order to actually post up pictures which is an Instagram-explicit rule.


Even though you do not have an option to post photos using Flow, this is still one of the best Instagram apps out there since you are now given a much simpler browsing experience when it comes to looking at pictures on Instagram, and you will also find that you do not have to deal with the annoying advertisements either, which is huge considering Instagram just now made ads a global thing. If you have already used the iPad version of Flow, then you will already know how the Flow app works, as it is basically the same as the iPad version. Basically, Flow this app gives you a more enjoyable and easier way to click through the pictures on Instagram, and you will find that Flow is a lot simpler to use than just the normal Instagram app. If you have used the regular Instagram app, then you will think that this is a completely different app than the official app, but it is different in a good way. While you might think that the Instagram app is great, you will think this app is even better, including the design and user interface, which are all more optimally designed for a better user experience. Flow allows you to see and preview thumbnails more easily, which means you can get through more photos in less time, and the home screen does also cycle through the photos without you doing anything.

Of course, you will see all of the normal Instagram features on Flow, meaning you can click through user profiles, search for pictures, find the trending images, and look at all of the photos that you have liked through the years. You also have a bookmarking option available, which helps you track specific types of images, such as food images, so then you can easily find these images if you are in the store getting ready to purchase items to make a recipe from ideas you saw on Instagram. When you think of the original Flow app, it was so appealing to users because it was optimized specifically for the iPad, which is something that many companies have not done, even Instagram, which is owned by none other than Facebook. On the iPhone, you will find Flow to be a little more complicated because there is already limited screen space, and there is already an actual official Instagram app. You will however notice how easy it really is to find the Instagram pictures through this app, and you can use it with your normal Instagram app if you are someone who really likes to just flick through pictures on your down time. Codegent, which is the development studio that created Flow, has come out to say that an Android release is not planned anytime soon, which is surprising since it has been demanded by a lot of users throughout the past couple of years.

Mark McDermott, who co-founded Codegent talked about the fact that the Flow app was white listed when it was listed up for the iPad, and that there has not been a lot of contact with Instagram since then. McDermott does hope though that there will be some positive feedback coming, because even though it’s an unofficial third-party app, they both are wanting the same thing, which is to give users a better experience. The thing with a lot of unofficial third-party apps is that you need to be careful given the fact that some of them can be damaging to your device, but this app is completely safe and it is harmless to run on your device, whether iPhone or you use the original iPad version. It is also great because you can run it in combination with the Instagram app, and one does not interfere with the other app, so you can look at twice as much if you really wanted to. It is unclear at this point whether or not an Android app is even coming at all in the future, since the developers of the app seem to be more focused on the Apple operating system, but only time will tell if user demand gets high enough then maybe it will happen.