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Instagram Introduces Clickable and Video Advertisements

Sep 23, 2015

Advertisements on Instagram were already a thing, but the developers of Instagram are now introducing advertisements that you can click away. All of the advertisements will have a Sponsored label, which you are able to tap on and hide it if that particular advertisement does not interest you. This way, you will be able to improve the kinds of advertisements that you will see, while you are using the Instagram app.

Tapping advertisements away does not mean that you completely remove all of the advertisements on Instagram; however, you will be able to adjust them to your own taste. For example, if you are a person who enjoys sports and absolutely hates fashion, you will have to tap away all the fashion advertisements. This way, advertisers and Instagram will know that you do not like fashion, and will start pushing other kinds of advertisements.

Video advertisements on Instagram


Next to introducing clickable Advertisements, Instagram also announced that they will push video advertisements through the Instagram app. The advertisements will be up to thirty seconds long, which means that they will be five seconds longer than the regular Instagram videos. It seems like Instagram leans towards Facebook’s advertisement infrastructure.

Instagram announced this on its own company blog. Facebook’s experience with reaching specific target groups will be achieved with this new advertisement service. This way, more company types will be able to push specific advertisement videos through Instagram.

According to the blog post, Instagram conducted a test during the summer of 2015, which showed them that companies that are active in e-commerce, travel industry, entertainment industry and retail have had positive effects by using Instagram’s video advertisements.

During the test period, the video advertisements had a duration of fifteen seconds, which is also the maximum duration for personal videos on Instagram. Advertisers are now allowed to use video advertisements that have a maximum duration of thirty seconds.

Companies that are willing to pay a premium, will be able to use Instagram’s new format called Marquee. By using Marquee, companies will be able to push their advertisements to large groups of people, in a very short period of time. It is not yet known how much it will cost to use Marquee, compared to Instagram’s regular advertisement platform. The first company to use Marquee is Fox, who uses it to promote three of its autumn TV show releases. The TV shows are called The Grinder, Scream Queens and Grandfathered.

How do Instagram advertisements work?

There was a very negative uproar when Instagram introduced clickable and video advertisements, especially because the video advertisements can take up to thirty seconds. However, what most people do not know yet is that the advertisements on Instagram are not random pop-ups or in the form of banners.

The advertisements will show up as regular posts, between the posts of other Instagram users. This means that you will not be forced to look at, or to watch the advertisements. Most people imagined that the advertisements on Instagram would be similar to those on YouTube, which are a part of the video. Because of the fact that the advertisements on Instagram are in the form of random posts, the advertiser will have to come up with interesting content, in order to pull in as many people as possible.

Will you be able to pay in order to remove the advertisements?


There is no mention about removing the advertisements on Instagram by paying a certain amount of money. People are asking if you will be able to pay a monthly fee, in order to not see any advertisements at all. The problem is that services like Instagram and Facebook earn way too much money by allowing advertisements. Receiving a couple of dollars a month from users will not even come close to the amount of money they earn through ads.

Facebook earns about three billion dollars in revenue from advertisements on mobile devices alone. This is about seventy five percent of the four billion in total revenue. Even though that services like Instagram and Facebook would earn more in revenue by allowing their users to pay a monthly fee to remove advertisements, they know that only a small fraction of them are willing to spend money for such a thing.

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