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Instagram iOS Update Allows for Posts to Publish to Different Accounts Simultaneously

Jan 18, 2019

There is a new update available on the iOS Instagram app that allows you to publish the same post to multiple accounts simultaneously. This is the newest update from the Facebook-owned company, and it is going to help Instagram influencers.

As you might know, Instagram is one of the most well-known video and photo sharing apps out there today. With this new feature, you can now post the same content among all of your Instagram accounts at once. We have all of the latest details about the posting to different accounts simultaneously, so keep reading to learn all about this update.

Newest Instagram iOS Update Adds Posting Simultaneously to Multiple Accounts

Some people might have already noticed the new Instagram iOS update, as it is being rolled out right now for those on iOS devices. With this new update, you can now post the same video or photo to multiple Instagram accounts at the same time. There is a section within the composer screen that allows you to toggle which accounts you want the post to publish to. Toggle the accounts you want the post to publish to in order to get that post to publish simultaneously to those accounts.

Instagram has said that this new feature is going to help those who have multiple accounts and publish using multiple accounts. For people who are social media managers or who use Instagram for business, this new feature is going to be very useful. Those out there that are Instagram influencers also are going to find this feature to be handy. It allows them to post the content simultaneously to their multiple accounts, which saves them time and increases overall productivity. You will be able to share all kinds of content simultaneously, including links, hashtags, captions, and videos or photos.

Instagram Brings Posting to Multiple Accounts Simultaneously to iOS for Easier Sharing

This new feature is going to make sharing posts easier for those who handle multiple accounts. It is similar in nature to the Re-Post app, although with Re-Post the post is automatically credited to the original poster. Re-Post was frequently used by people to share the exact same posts on different Instagram accounts.

People are going to find it much easier to do the same thing with the new feature on the Instagram app for iOS. That means you probably are not going to need to use the Re-Post app anymore, and it will save you time in the long run posting simultaneously.

One really cool thing about this new post simultaneously feature is that you can toggle accounts each time you post content. If you want all of your accounts to post one video you can toggle all of the accounts on, and then toggle off for the next. You get to choose which accounts the content will post to and you can change this at any time for the next post. There is a downside to this new feature though, and we wanted to talk a little bit about that.

New Instagram Posting Simultaneously to Multiple Accounts Only Beneficial if Accounts have Similar Interests or Themes

The biggest downside to this new feature for iOS is that it could be harmful to multiple accounts if these accounts do not share the same themes or interests. People might have multiple accounts but use those accounts for different things. This means that the accounts might have different fans, a different target audience, different themes, and many other differences. If your multiple accounts are not similar in terms of themes or interests, then this new feature probably will not do you any good.

Right now, we do not know when or if this feature will be available for those on Android. We assume that it will be coming to Android sometime in the future, as we do not see why this would stay an iOS exclusive feature. Instagram has not said when it will come to Android though, so we will have to keep our eyes and ears open for that news. In the comments below, we want to know what you think of this new feature on the Instagram app.

Are you someone who has multiple Instagram accounts and previously used the Re-Post app to post the same content to different accounts? Will you instead just use the new feature and toggle which accounts you want the content to post to? Do you think this new feature will be good for those social media managers and influencers with multiple accounts? What other features do you hope come to the Instagram iOS app in the future? If you do not like this new feature, tell us why and what it is about the feature that you do not like.