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Instagram Live Video Hits Android Today

Dec 12, 2016

Good news if you have an Android device because Instagram just put out a new update for Android. In this latest Instagram update, you will now have access to live video. This is all part of Instagram increasing how pictures and videos can be shared on the social media website.

Instagram Live Video Now on Google Play

When it comes to Instagram, sharing pictures has been a huge focus of the social platform for the past year. Facebook acquired Instagram back in 2012 for $1 billion which was a pretty amazing deal, and the social platform has been growing steadily ever since. It seems that within the past year especially, Instagram has been really increasing in popularity. Part of the popularity increase on Instagram has been due to the fact that Instagram does have video now instead of just pictures, but the videos were limited.


Now, Instagram will have live video, which will put it in the same category as Facebook. This makes sense that the Facebook acquisition would eventually lead to Instagram getting live video, although it did take quite a while for it to finally happen. The new live video feature was announced only a few weeks ago, and it appears that it is finally rolling out on Android devices within the United States. When you look at Facebook and other social sites that have live video, you will notice some differences between how Facebook itself does live video and how Instagram will be doing the live video feature.

When you load up the new Instagram on Android you will notice that the live video option is actually and only available live. To get to the live video option, click on the Stories section of Instagram and you will see a “Live” badge when you begin broadcasting video. Your friends and followers will see the “Live” badge too, so they will know when you are live making a video for Instagram. The odd part about the live video feature on Instagram is that the video will disappear once the live video is over. This means that you cannot go back and watch old live videos, even if the video ended 10 minutes ago. Once you stop the live video on Instagram it will be gone, an there is no way to save or rewatch the videos through Instagram.

Instagram said that deleting the live video once it is over is a way to get people to share more parts of their lives. That is because people will feel more comfortable sharing live videos if they know the videos are not going to be around after the feed is over and the broadcast stops. So if something bad or unexpected happens in the live feed, say a blooper, you do not have to worry about people rewatching the incident over and over.

If you know the video will end and disappear from Instagram after you cut the feed, it might make you feel more comfortable loading up the live video option on your Instagram account. That is the hope of Instagram anyways, that you will feel more comfortable and begin using the feature.


If you would like to see the live video feature but do not have friends live right now using it, you can go to the “Top Live” section and it will show you live streams going on right now. This is actually pretty cool because you will be able to watch live videos on Instagram even if you do not know the person or you are not connected to the person. You will see the live videos on Instagram right away beginning today. The really nice part is that you can browse the live video feeds to see what interesting things are going on in the world no matter where you are or who you are or are not connected with.

Remember that these live videos will end once the broadcast stops too, so if you see something interesting you will not be able to save it and show your friends later on. Once it is over then it is gone, and Instagram seems content on keeping it that way, at least for a long time. If you do not have the latest update to Instagram already, keep your eyes open because new features are put out through server-side changes, so it should be hitting your device soon.