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Instant Website Translation Feature Hits Microsoft Edge iOS App

Mar 8, 2019

We have great news if you are using Microsoft Edge on your iOS device as a new update is rolling out that provides instant website translation. This new update is rolling out right now on iOS and you should be seeing this update hit your device by the end of this week.

We are very elated that Microsoft has brought instant website translation to the Edge browser for iOS. This is going to be very useful for those who enjoy reading news and related content in other languages. Keep reading to learn more about the new Microsoft Edge update rolling out this week to iOS.

Microsoft Edge iOS App Adds Instant Website Translation in Newest Update

If you are currently using Microsoft Edge on your iOS device, you might be interested in hearing about the newest update rolling out right now. You will find the new update live right now and it will be version 42.11.4. There is a new feature that is added to the browser which is called the translation feature.

The feature will instantly translate websites for you if they are not in your native language. This is great news for people who want to keep up on stories from around the world but don’t want to hassle with going to a translation website in order to figure out what is being said. The translation will be done instantly once you go to the website.

There is a lot of translation technology behind this new feature added into the Microsoft Edge browser for iOS. Microsoft has fairly in-depth translation technology and that’s what is being used to power the new translation feature. It’s pretty easy to figure out and use because it’s going to be turned on by default once you download the newest update. You can head into the Settings if you would rather toggle the translation feature off. That’s one thing we really like about this feature is that you can turn it on and off when needed.

More Microsoft Edge Instant Translation Feature Details

Getting into more details about the Microsoft Edge translation feature, it’s super easy to use because you just have to visit a website in another language. When you visit that website, there is a pop-up that will show up on the bottom of your screen asking if you want to translate that page into your native language.

Just click to translate that page and once you do, you will see the translated page and also have an option to also see the page in the original language. You also can set it up so that the language from that website is automatically translated into your native language.

This means that if you visit a Chinese website, you can set it so that all Chinese websites are translated into your native language, such as English. We really like this feature because those websites will then translate without the app asking you if you would like to translate them.

This feature is going to make browsing the web much easier and better, especially if you travel a lot to other countries. You will only see the option to translate those websites though if you have the translation feature turned on. Since it’s turned on by default in this update, there’s nothing you need to do in order to begin using the feature.

What Are Your Thoughts on Microsoft Edge Adding Translation Feature to iOS?

Lastly, as part of the Microsoft Edge iOS update you will find that there are other performance improvements and bug fixes too. As with most updates, these performance improvements and bug fixes are things that you might not notice, but make the app run smoother and better overall.

Some of the biggest bugs that were plaguing the app have been fixed in the newest update. You can head to Apple’s App Store right now to download the newest version which is 42.11.4. If you have the app installed on your device, you should see the update hit your device before the end of the week.

Once you have tried out the newest version with the translation feature, we want to hear what you think about it in the comments below. Do you like the fact that the translation feature is turned on by default and that there’s an option to toggle the feature off in the Settings?

Is website translation something that you use often or is it something that you hardly ever use? What else would you like to see in future Microsoft Edge updates for iOS? If you have not tried out Microsoft Edge yet on your iOS device, we want to know which app you use to browse the web and why you like that browser better.

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