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Intex Aqua View Review

Jul 11, 2016

Intex Aqua View Review: The domestic smartphone manufacturer Intex, hopped on to the VR i.e. Virtual Reality by launching the new Aqua View last month. Thanks to the bundled Intex Eyelet cardboard headset that the Aqua View claims to provide a unique VR experience but at the price of Rs 7,999, let’s find out.Intex Aqua View Screen

Intex Aqua View Review

Intex Aqua View has an all plastic design that takes cues from the numerous different smartphones that are already available in the market. For starter, the single hardware button on the front looks like that it was taken from an iPhone.

Design and Display:

The back panel of the Aqua View looks similar to the Nexus 6P. The black bar on the top that houses the camera. With the device for protection Intex does include a free plastic shell case.

The display of 5-inch HD of 720/1280 pixels resolution is quite bright and it works great for HD content. During our testing we found the touch panel to be a bit problematic and that is not up to the mark.Intex Aqua View Review

On the right side there of the Intex Aqua View has the power button and volume rocker, both of them are well placed and are easy to access. The finishing on the edges makes the smartphone easy to grip and it also prevents the accidental drops. The speaker are placed at the bottom and it bears a resemblance to iPhone in its aesthetics.

The fingerprint sensor is the welcome addition to the budget handset. All you have to do is to place your finger on the sensor and then it unlocks the phone in an instant. During our time with Aqua View, the fingerprint sensor was sufficiently responsive.

In addition, there is the LED notification light beneath the home button that lights up immediately when the fingerprint is incorrect.

The handset features a plastic back cover that can be removed to reveal the two SIM card slots and a battery of 2200mAh.Intex Aqua View Review

Performance and Camera:

The Intex Aqua View is powered by the MediaTek 1GHz quad-core processor that is paired with 2GB of RAM. During our regular use, we hardly noticed any lag and the device is easily multitasked easily without any issues.

In the gaming department also the device managed to hold its own. Lightweight games ran without any problems like Subway surfers. But heavy games caused the performance to drop quite a bit.

Audio quality on the smartphone was nothing special, but did the fine job. The Intex Aqua View is backed by the battery of 2200mAh, that proved to be unimpressive during our testing.Intex Aqua View Design

The 8MP rear camera was the another important aspect that left us with asking for more. Colour reproduction was not always accurate and the pictures that turned out to be rather grainy even in the normal lightning conditions. Also, the 5MP front facing camera did not produce more than the average looking selfies.

Virtual Reality Experience:

Intex is promoting the Aqua View as being capable of delivering the special VR experience that is made possible with help of the Eyelet VR headset that is bundled with it. The smartphone is based on the Google Cardboard and that is pretty much the same product except for Intex branding on it.

During our time with device, the VR experience was nothing special. In fact, it was not different from that was offered by any other smartphone when it is bundled with a RS 200 cardboard VR headset.

The pre-installed VR apps were sloppy that too with the poor graphics. We tested the Intex Eyelet VR Headset with an iPhone 6 and the results were far better than that we got with the Aqua View. The images were clear and navigating around was much less bothersome.

Cardboard VR Headsets are not meant to provide the users full-fledged VR experience like the dedicated headsets from Oculus Rift.


What keeps us from taking Intex Aqua View is that the manufacturer’s failed to promise of a unique VR experience. Nothing else about the Aqua View sticks out and if you are better off finding yourself another smartphone from plethora is available in this price segment.