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iOS 11 Beta 5 Developer Preview Released

Aug 7, 2017

If you are a developer, you might be interested in the news that iOS 11 beta5 was just released for the developers. This was part of the developer preview program, which of course, is where the developers get access to the new beta before the public version is released. We have all of the latest news about the iOS 11 beta 5 and what is coming with this update.

iOS 11 Beta 5 Released to Developers

If you are part of the Developer Preview Program from Apple, you will have access to iOS 11 Beta 5 right now. This new beta was just released ahead of the official September release of iOS 11. The Developer Preview for iOS 11 Beta 5 is out now, which means that the public beta will be out within the next couple days. Sometimes Apple releases the beta the same day for both developers and the public, and other times the public beta is released a day or two after the developer version.

When it comes to iOS 11 Beta 5, it is still not recommended that you put this beta on your main Apple device. That is due to the fact that just like with other beta updates, iOS 11 Beta 5 could potentially cause damage to your iOS device. This could include bricking your device altogether or just causing files to get lost.

Regardless of whether or not you are a developer or a public beta tester, you should only install iOS 11 Beta 5 on your secondary iOS device. As far as developers go, the Developer Preview Program costs $99 per year. This gives you early access to the beta releases, content, and access to various developer tools.

Apple Releases iOS 11 Beta 5

If you have iOS 11 already due to a previous beta, all you have to do is go over to the Settings and then click on Update to get the new beta, which is version 5. Most of the beta updates are all about improvements and bug fixes, so you probably will not find any new features on iOS 11 Beta 5 when compared to version 4. Also today, macOS High Sierra, tvOS, and watchOS got a beta update, so if you have any of those devices you can now download those beta updates as well.

If you are wondering about what all will be in iOS 11, there are a few things that will be changing. It will feel completely brand new to people who have an iPad, since there are more features including the drag and drop file option. You will find a new dock, a new File app, and much more if you own an iPad with the upcoming iOS 11 release. Most of the other changes in iOS 11 are going to be under-the-hood improvements if you do not have an iPad.

Things that you will find include a new Control Center, which has been redesigned, and a lot more. You will see some of the new changes in iOS 11 Beta 5, although most of the new features of iOS 11 are not coming to beta. Other new features also will not be available when the first and official version of iOS 11 is released.