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iOS 11 Details- Best Features From the New Apple Operating System

Jun 12, 2017

The Worldwide Developers Conference just happened a few days ago. In this conference, we learned a lot of cool iOS 11 details from Apple since this was where iOS 11 was officially unveiled. One of the biggest features to come out of iOS 11 is the Do Not Disturb feature which is activated while driving. This allows your iOS device to reply to your messages and it will mute your phone all together if the iOS device senses movement consistent with driving. While the Do Not Disturb While Driving feature was all of the talk of iOS 11, there were quite a few other features and functions that Apple talked about for the upcoming iOS. If you are interested in what the new iOS 11 has in store, read on to learn all about the upcoming operating system coming to iOS devices.

iOS 11 Details & Features You Will Be Happy About

Apple Pay Expands- The first of the iOS 11 details we wanted to talk about is the fact that Apple Pay has expanded. You will now be able to pay someone from within iMessage itself. Your friends or the people you are paying will need to be using iOS as well in order for this feature to work. It is cool though if it is a last minute payment, such as for a lunch or dinner.

You also will be able to just ask Siri to pay someone and Siri will then use the debit card in your Wallet or credit card and Siri will pay that person. The other person will be able to transfer that money into a bank account or it can stay stored in the Apple Pay Cash account for that person to use in various retail stores.

Siri Translations- Siri translations are coming to iOS 11, and this is one of the bigger iOS 11 details we wanted to share with you. Siri will now be able to translate the English words into various other languages. Some of the languages include Spanish, Chinese, German, French, and Italian. That will be really cool for people who use a lot of translation in their jobs or who just like to travel and want to know how to talk properly in another language.

More iOS 11 Details Revealed

Control Center Changes- We thought if we were talking about iOS 11 details, we would mention the Control Center. There will be a lot of changes coming to the Control Center, and it does look like it could be a little crowded and overwhelming. It does have a similar look to it like Android, with everything in one place, but it definitely will help you get to where you need to go quickly. Everything will be right here in the Control Center, so it almost will seem like it is the Home Screen just put into that location. You can even customize it so that the apps and services you need are right there.

Automatically Deleting Apps- One of the coolest iOS 11 details so far we have learned about is the automatic deletion of apps that you do not need anymore. The feature is Offload Unused Apps, and this new feature will automatically get rid of the apps you hardly ever use. You will be able to put the app back on if you need it, and iOS 11 will save the data and documents from that app.

That means if you need to put the app back onto your iOS device, you will not lose any of that information. If you tap on the icon, which is grayed-out, you will be able to restore the app that was automatically deleted. For people who have smaller iOS devices, this automatic app deletion feature will come in very handy.

Screen Capture- One thing a lot of people are overlooking when it comes to the new iOS 11 details is that you can do screen captures in iOS 11. You can produce a screen capture very easily and quickly in iOS 11, including using the Control Center to do your screen recording for you in a snap.