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iOS 11 Files App Now Supported in Google Drive

Sep 28, 2017

We have some good news about Google Drive as the app is now supporting the new iOS 11 Files App. The new operating system from Apple, iOS 11, just released a little more than a week ago. In that time, many apps have had to update in order to support the various features and functions of iOS 11. Just this week, Google Drive updated to now support the Files app which is found in iOS 11. If you have updated to iOS 11 already, read on to learn about the new changes that have come to Google Drive for iOS.

Google Drive Now Supports Files App on iOS 11

It was not that long of a wait for Google Drive to update on iOS to support the new Files app on iOS 11. Dropbox already released an update last week that added support for the Files app and it appears Google Drive is following suit. For those of you who might not know what this means for Google Drive, it means that it is more integrated with iOS 11. If you have files in Google Drive, you will be able to manage them with your other Cloud providing services like iCloud or Dropbox.

The file extension previous to this was the legacy file extension. Since Google Drive has replaced this legacy extension with the newer Files integration, you will notice more functionality with the app. You will now get all of the main benefits that the Files app on iOS 11 has to offer. You can organize your files in folders, add various tags, drag and drop files into the Files app, and more.

With the new Files app support on Google Drive, you will also be able to copy those Google Drive files to iCloud and other cloud services. We know it can be difficult going from Google Drive to an iOS app, so this new integration with iOS 11 will make it much easier for you to get things done. This should boost your productivity and help with your personal and professional business files.

Google Drive Updates with Files App Support on iOS

The only downside to the new Files app support on Google Drive is that some previews are still not available within the Files app itself. Google Docs and Google Sheets will still not have the preview ability from within the Files app itself on iOS.

In order to view these Sheets and Docs files, you will need to tap on the document in order to load it up. That means you will need to use the separate apps for these two files in order to view them since it cannot be done in the Files app on iOS. For some people, this could be a problem, but hopefully preview for Sheets and Docs will be coming soon.

What is a bit weird about that whole situation is that the Google Drive app will open first if you click to open a Google Docs or Google Sheets file. We have no clue why this happens, but then you are automatically taken over to the Sheets or Docs app. Also, when it comes to Google Drive, you cannot manage the file sharing from the Files app.

If you have Dropbox and noticed the iOS Files app support last week, this might be a disappointment. The Dropbox app does allow you to manage your file sharing right from the Files app on iOS. Google Drive does not allow this file sharing management, at least not right now. This means that you will need to go to the official Google Drive app in order to manage the file sharing features and options.

Benefits of Files App Integration with Google Drive

There are even more benefits to having the new integration with Google Drive. One thing you will love is that you will be able to keep all of your files right in one spot. You will also love the ease of getting documents and files out of Google Drive through the drag and drop feature.

While there are a few limitations right now, we expect that in the future Google Drive will have full functionality and integration with the Files app on iOS. You can check this new integration out right now if you have updated to iOS 11 and use both of these programs for your documents.