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iOS-Connected Drone Lily Halted & Refunds Coming

Jan 18, 2017

Lily was supposed to be a self-flying drone that was connected to iOS, but it appears this drone does not have enough financial support to continue into production. It was just a couple years ago Lily was pitched, and the premise was that it would be easy to record footage because all you have to do is throw the drone into the air. Now, the company says that Lily is being scrapped and there are going to be refunds for those who preordered this product.

iOS-Connected Drone Being Shelved & Preorder Refunds Coming Soon

The founders, Antoine Balaresque and Henry Bradlow, said that there was not enough financial backing to begin manufacturing this iOS-connected drone. They both said that the beta program was successful and that they got a lot of good feedback, but money was just running out too quickly. This self-flying drone was supposed to take off automatically and then record everything nearby, which is a pretty cool premise.

The company wound up with $34 million from preorders, which actually ended up being about 60,000 preorders all together. The company said this is still not enough to begin actual production on the new iOS-connected drone. The company said that it will begin winding down as they have tried as hard as they could the past couple months to get funding in order to move forward. For people who preordered this drone, the company said that customers will be getting a refund.

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The reimbursement for the preorders will be going on over the next couple months, and the money should go back onto your credit or debit card. Whatever credit or debit card you used to make your preorder is the card in which the money will be put back on during the refund phase. If your card has since expired or you got rid of it, you can fill out a form to request a different method of refund. It is not known though whether people will be getting a full refund though, since the company has hit financial difficulties.

When it came to Lily, it was really something different because it was connected to iOS and it was very easy to use compared to other drones out there. If you preordered this drone you had to pay $499 plus shipping, which is actually a good deal. It is a good deal considering the company wanted the retail price to be $999 when it actually launched in stores and online. So if you preordered you essentially saved 50 percent off the price of Lily. This was also a drone that was supposed to capture video at an amazing quality and rate. There was a waterproof case and wearable beacon with the drone, as well as a microphone that could capture sounds up close.

Lily had a camera on it which could take 12-megapixel images and even record in 1080p. You could also set the frames per second to either 60 or 120 depending on if you wanted to run in 1080p or 720p. As far as how this connects to iOS, there was an iOS app that would let you see the live video from the drone as it was flying in the sky capturing video and pictures. You also could use this iOS app to change the settings as it was flying. Not to mention, the iOS app would let you share your video and images of the flight after it was over, and you could edit them as well.

We still do not know whether people will get complete refunds out of this deal or not, and the company has not said whether the refunds will be partial or full as of yet either. We will let you know if we hear more as far as how the refunds will be handled.