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Joker Malware Infecting Android Devices Using Google Play Store

Sep 12, 2019

We have a warning for people on Android because a new malware has made it onto Google Play Store. This new malware is called Joker and it’s a silent and sneaky malware that’s causing headaches for those who downloaded the infected apps.

With the Joker malware, you are being signed up for various subscription services without your knowledge or consent. Read on to learn more about the Joker malware and which Android apps were infected with this before being removed from Google Play Store.

The Android Joker Malware Signs You Up for Subscription Services

The worst part about the Joker malware found on Android this week is that it will sign you up for various kinds of subscription services. This happens silently and without your consent, and you won’t even realize that you were signed up for anything. It may be several months after the malware begins this process before you notice the charges related to these subscription services.

The Joker malware is also targeting a lot of countries, which is unusual for Android malware. Most of the time only a few countries end up seeing the malware, but Joker seems to be nearly everywhere. It can be found in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, and China.

Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, and Turkey are also part of the target locations. The Joker malware is also found in Egypt, Germany, Honduras, France, Slovenia, Singapore, Serbia, Argentina, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, and Ukraine.

Joker Malware Infected 24 Different Android Apps

There are 24 different apps from Google Play Store that were infected with Joker malware. In total, the 24 apps were installed nearly 500,000 times. Most of these apps were targeting Asian and European countries. It also appears that this situation began back in June 2019. We wanted to tell you about the apps that were found to have Joker malware in them so you can check to see if you had downloaded any of these apps.

Age Face, Advocate Wallpaper, Antivirus Security Scan, Beach Camera, Altar Message, and Board Picture Editing were a few of the apps. Also on the list was Climate SMS, Certain Wallpaper, Dazzle Wallpaper, Humor Camera,  and Declare Messag. Cute Camera, Great VPN, Leaf Face Scanner, and Display Camera were also impacted. Collate Face Scanner, Ignite Clean, Spark Wallpaper, Soby Camera, and Reward Clean too. Lastly, Mini Camera, Ruddy SMS, Print Plant Scan, and Rapid Face Scanner were also involved.

You Should Uninstall Joker Infected Android Apps Immediately

The list above shows the apps that were infected with Joker malware. Check that list to see if you may have downloaded any of those apps within the past few months. If you have installed an app that contains this malware, the best course of action is to immediately delete the infected app from your Android device.

Since the Joker malware will sign you up for subscription services without your knowledge, just deleting the app isn’t the end of this one. You will need to be checking your financial statements for the next several months to ensure you weren’t signed up for any services.

All of the infected apps have already been removed from Google Play Store, which is the good news here. This means that there’s no risk right now of downloading one of these infected apps, but it doesn’t mean people weren’t impacted within the past few months of it being on Google Play. In the comments below, tell us whether or not you had downloaded one of these apps. Do you think Google is doing enough to try to prevent malicious apps from making it onto Google Play Store?