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July Security Bulletin Released for Android

Jul 10, 2017

The new July Security Bulletin was just released for Android. In this July 2017 release, there were 138 different vulnerabilities that were fixed. Google has released a statement saying that people with an Android device should download and install the July Security Bulletin as soon as possible to prevent possible remote attacks to devices that can be done by exploiting these vulnerabilities. Read on to learn more about the July Security Bulletin, and what vulnerabilities were fixed in this update.

July Security Bulletin Released for Android

There were 138 vulnerabilities fixed in the July Security Bulletin, with one of them being a critical flaw that was associated with the media framework. This flaw could lead to someone attacking the Android device remotely, and this could happen by executing arbitrary codes. There are two different security strings associated with the July Security Bulletin.

The first one was released on July 1, so it will have the security string of 07-01 and the second was released on July 5. This means that the second security string will contain 07-05. You will notice that the year is first in the string, so it will say 2017-07-05 and 2017-07-01, and that is how you know which security bulletin you are looking at.

The July 5 July Security Bulletin release is focused more on the device-specific issues and vulnerabilities on Android. The July 1 was more of just security issues for Android as a whole. The July 5 update would fix various components that were put out by the manufacturers of the Android devices. Specifically, 10 critical vulnerabilities were fixed, 15 high risk vulnerabilities were fixed, and there were two moderate vulnerabilities fixed for a total of 27 vulnerabilities.

The July Security Bulletin also will fix the vulnerabilities associated with a bug known as Broadpwn, which is a vulnerability in the Broadcom Wi-Fi driver. There will be more coming out about Broadpwn in the coming weeks, but we do know that millions of Android devices were impacted by this bug.

July Security Bulletin Helps Lessen Risks Associated with Vulnerabilities

When it comes to lessening the risk associated with these vulnerabilities, the first thing that you can do is download and install the July Security Bulletin as soon as possible. Google told a lot of the partners about these vulnerabilities about a month ago, and then released source code patches to the Android Open Source Project. There are also patches that are available outside of the Android Open Source Project.

There are over-the-air updates for a lot of Android devices, including the Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6 and Nexus 5X. The Pixel C, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player also got some over-the-air updates to help with these vulnerabilities. A lot of the older devices do not get these security updates via the over-the-air option, so you will have to manually download the update to your device from the web.

The best way that you can prevent issues such as vulnerabilities being exploited on your Android device includes never downloading apps from third-party app stores. When it comes to some issues like Broadpwn, the biggest way to mitigate your risk is to ensure you are only connecting to Wi-Fi networks that you trust. Installing the monthly security updates also helps lessen the risks associated with a lot of these vulnerabilities.

You should think of your Android phone like a computer or other device, which means installing anti-virus protection to ensure that there is nothing that is getting onto your device you do not know about. There are a ton of anti-virus programs out there for mobile devices, and it will definitely decrease the chances of you getting a virus or being hacked due to these vulnerabilities being exploited.