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Just Cause 3 Available For Free on Steam For 2 Days

Jul 26, 2017

If you have a Steam account, you might be super excited to know that Just Cause 3 is free on Steam for a limited period of time. Just Cause 3 is the latest in the Just Cause franchise, which is classified as an action-adventure open-world environment game.

If you have never tried out any of the games in the Just Cause series before and you have a Steam account, this is definitely the best time to give the game a shot. Read on to learn more about Just Cause 3 and about the free limited-time offer on Steam.

Just Cause 3 Free on Steam for Two Days

You have two days to check out Just Cause 3 on Steam completely for free. The game will be completely free on Steam from July 26 through July 28. One of the reasons why Just Cause 3 is now free on Steam for two days is because the PC release has had a few issues in the past. When it comes to various setups, there have been performance issues and some lag.

The game is actually really good, but those performance issues have led to the Steam reviews and ratings to go down quite a bit. The performance issues were resolved recently. This is also why Just Cause 3 is free on Steam until July 28.

If you have not heard about Just Cause 3 before, it is an action-adventure open-world environment game where you are able to attach various mines to cows. Once you have attached those mines, you then put two grappling hooks into the cows in order to launch the cows into the enemy bases.

You will then be able to detonate the mines that have been attached to the cows. That means that you will be able to destroy those enemy bases quickly and easily. You can do a ton of other things in the game too. This includes racing through sunflower fields in cars.

Just Cause 3 Free on Steam- More Details & Other Content

While Just Cause 3 is free on Steam right now, you will still need to pay for the game if you decide to keep the game. You can think of the two days as more of a free trial of Just Cause 3. The good news is that if you decide that this is a game you would like to play for a while on Steam, you will only need to pay $12.49. So try it out for two days completely free, and then if you like the game it will only cost you $12.49 to keep the game in your Steam library for later.

Even better than that, the new Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod just was released. This might be an extra incentive for you to pay to keep the game on Steam because everyone is having fun with the multiplayer mod that was just released on Steam. This means that you would be able to play in a multiplayer mode once you have completed the main storyline of the game.

You also could choose to purchase the Just Cause 3 bundle on Steam, which is on sale right now as well. You can get the Sea, Land, and Air downloadable content pass for $18.74. This is a really good deal, but this is also only going on until July 28. So you really should be checking out Just Cause 3 right now on Steam since you can try the game for free until July 28.

You also should be checking out the game because you can get the downloadable content pack for cheap as well through July 28. You can head over to the Steam Just Cause 3 page to see more information about the game and decide if this is a game you would like to try for free or purchase for super cheap.