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Kanex Announces GoPlay Wireless Controllers for iOS

Jan 18, 2017

If you are a gamer on mobile, you might be interested in knowing that Kanex has just announced a new line of GoPlay wireless controllers for iOS. This is great news because people love to play mobile games on iOS, but often times which they had a wireless controller to help them during the game. The new wireless controllers are all certified by Apple and run on any controller-supported iOS games.

Kanex Wireless Controllers Unveiled for iOS

These new wireless controllers are going to work with iPhones, iPads and even Apple TV. The Apple-certified controllers have a rechargeable battery that is supposed to last for up to 20 hours of game play. You will be able to use the new GoPlay wireless controllers through Bluetooth 4.0, which then will connect right to your device. The first controller in the series is the GoPlay SideKick, and it will be a pocket-sized controller.


Kanex also said that these wireless controllers will come in a clamshell case. This clamshell case is important because it will be able to prop up your device as well as protect your controller from damage or the environment. Andrew Truong of Kanex issued a statement about the new GoPlay line of wireless controllers for iOS. Andrew said that mobile gaming is great but a lot of gamers do not have the control that other gamers have, such as those on a PC or console. The new GoPlay controllers are all inspired by the regular controllers you see with your console, and it will help bring console gaming abilities to the mobile gaming world.

There are a lot of games on Apple’s App Store that are now controller-compatible, so it is not like there is only a few games you could use this controller with. These GoPlay wireless controllers are specific to iOS, and allow you to have the best gaming experience possible on your Apple device. The controller has a layout like regular controllers, but it will give you more control when you game through your mobile iOS device. There are dual analog joysticks, a D-pad, trigger buttons, and even pressure-sensitive buttons on these controllers by Kanex.

The clamshell also can be put into your purse or pocket when you are not using it since it is so small and compact. The rechargeable battery that the Kanex wireless controllers use allows you to hook up to your regular iPhone lighting cable when it is in need of a charge.

The first controller in the Kanex GoPlay series, the SideKick is going to come out in February 2017. You will be able to purchase this product for $59.95, which is about the price of a regular gaming controller you would use on console or PC. The Kanex GoPlay wireless controllers could very easily change mobile gaming, specifically on iOS, and could change how and when you interact with your gaming apps.