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Kobo Adds Audiobooks to iOS & Android

Sep 6, 2017

Good news if you are looking for a new way to read audiobooks as Kobo has announced the addition of them to both mobile apps. Audiobooks are now available on both the iOS version of the Kobo app as well as the Android version of the Kobo app. We have all of the latest news about the Kobo app update so read on to learn more.

Kobo E-Reader App Adds Audiobooks

Kobo is one of the most popular and well-known e-reader apps out there that is not affiliated or related to Amazon. Kobo was purchased by Rakuten back in 2011, giving the company the official name of Rakuten Kobo. Rakuten is one of the bigger e-commerce platforms out there.

The company has been adding features to Kobo ever since it was purchased way back in 2011. Now, the e-reader app known as Kobo has added the ability to listen to audiobooks. The new audioboosk feature is found on both the Android and iOS versions of the updated app.

This is great news for people looking for a new app to listen to audiobooks. The only bad news here is that this is not going to be a free way to listen to audiobooks. It will cost you either $10 per month for the subscription or you can purchase the audiobooks a la carte. If you pay the $10 per month, you will only get one audiobook per month.

This is definitely a more limited option unless you only can get through one audiobook each month. The new Kobo audiobook subscription service has launched in a few different countries. The countries include the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

Kobo App Update Includes New Audiobook Feature

Kobo might not be as well-known as Amazon, but it is almost all over the world at this point. Kobo has a reach in over 190 countries already, including both selling e-book services and e-readers. There are over 5 million books in the app library that you can choose from. There is also compatibility with library cards which is pretty cool as well. If you are looking for some cheaper ebook options, the app also has discounted ebook options too.

When it comes to the new audiobook option, this is only available on the iOS and Android apps. This means that if you have an e-reader, you will not have the ability to listen to audiobooks for now. You can get a 30-day free trial if you want to check out the audiobooks option before you decide to buy the $10 per month subscription plan. The good thing is that once you purchase an audiobook, you can use the audiobook player.

The audiobook player allows you to set a timer for sleep, check the time remaining on the book, and also change the speed of narration. We also do not know yet how many audiobooks are going to be available during this launch. Even if there are not that many right now available, the app will be adding even more audiobooks in the very near future.

If you would like to check out the new audiobooks feature, you can head on over to Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. The app is free to download on both iOS and Android, although you need to have the subscription in order to enjoy the audiobooks. At least you get a 30-day free trial to see if you like the audiobooks before you decide to actually pay for the subscription.