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Koler Ransomware Disguises as Fake PornHub App

Jun 25, 2017

If you are using an Android device, you might be concerned about the Koler ransomware, which is the newest ransomware to hit Android. This ransomware is very unique in that it focuses on disguising itself as an adult-content app called PornHub. The fake PornHub app is filled with ransomware, and many people on Android are now being targeted with this latest ransomware effort. Read on to learn more about Koler ransomware and how it would appear on your Android device.

Koler Ransomware Targeting Android as Fake PornHub App

If you are of legal age, then you probably have visited an adult website or app a time or two in your day. Well, bad news if you enjoy browsing these types of adult-oriented apps because there is a new ransomware hitting Android devices. This new ransomware, which is called Koler ransomware, is disguising itself as a PornHub app, although it is not PornHub at all. This fake PornHub app is actually the Koler ransomware, and if you download this fake app, you will quickly find out that this app is malicious.

You might have heard about other ransomware before, as it first began on computers, and this is the malware that will lock your device and tell you to pay money in order to get the device unlocked. Often times, ransomware will show up with a pop-up that tells you you are being investigated by the FBI or some other government agency.

Ransomware is different than malware because it will lock down your device, with the hackers trying to get you to give them money. This new Koler ransomware seems to be something Android users in America are now finding, although it could easily be found on other countries as well.

Koler ransomware is not new at all, in fact, it has been around for a few years now. Koler ransomware comes from the Reveton line of ransomware, which was the main type of ransomware that attacked Windows computers. Now, those same developers have moved on to attacking Android, especially since people are ditching their computers for the popular mobile operating system. Koler ransomware has always been involved in pornographic content from the first time it showed up, which is where the government warnings come from.

You will visit a pornographic site and then the Koler ransomware will say that you have to pay money to some government agency because you are viewing pornographic content. Back in the day, the developers of the ransomware did not ask for a lot of money, but now the developers are moving on up in terms of demands. Even though the money back then was not much, a couple hundred, those developers got rich off of this scheme.

Koler Ransomware is Concerning for Android

While you might not think about it, the Koler ransomware is very concerning for Android users. The ransomware is displaying advertisements on various adult-oriented websites and apps in hopes of getting people into downloading the malicious and fake PornHub app.

If you click the link to download this fake PornHub app, you then are immediately infected with the Koler ransomware. Root privileges are granted and then this could lead to just a ton of problems for you as an Android user. People might know this as clickjacking, and a ton of Android malware is using this method of entry right now.

The Koler ransomware will then give you a pop-up that says you need to pay $500 within days in order to get your device unlocked. The US Department of Justice is typically where the pop-up says that it is from, although this is part of the government agency scheme of Koler ransomware. It seems that Koler ransomware for now is just impacting people in America, which is odd and also a reason why this ransomware stands out. Maybe it has to do with the main threat being the US Department of Justice.

Either way, you should never download an adult-content app unless you know it is from the actual company, such as PornHub. You should download any app that you went to from a link. If you would like to download an app such as PornHub, make sure you are going to Google Play Store or the website of the company and download straight from there.

In order to keep you from getting the Koler ransomware, you should always avoid downloading apps that come from a link or advertisement on a website or app. Head over to Google Play and check reviews of apps before you download them. You also should avoid downloading apps from third-party app stores.