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Kotlin Soon to be Primary Android Programming Language

Oct 15, 2017

We have some good news about Kotlin, which will soon overtake Java and become the primary Android apps programming language. Kotlin is expected to overtake Java by December 2018, which is pretty amazing news. That is especially considering just earlier in the year no one knew about the programming language. Read on to learn more about Kotlin and the benefits of using it as the primary programming language for Android apps.

Kotlin Will Become Primary Programming Language on Android

A new report is shedding some insight into the lesser-known programming language Kotlin. The report has it overtaking Java as the primary programming language on Android by around December 2018. Kotlin was first built to run on Java Virtual Machine, but it also could be combined with JavaScript.

Google announced during the 2017 Google I/O that Kotlin was going to become an official third-party programming language for Android. This became the first ever third-party programming language that Google used on Android. Java is being excluded from the conversation when we talk about third-party programming language on Android. This news from Google led to it becoming a hot commodity within the developer community.

Once Google talked about Kotlin and announced it would be part of the programming language that would be used for Android apps, Kotlin soared in popularity. A little-known programming language turned into an overnight star, and now looks to overtake Java. In fact, since the Google I/O, the adoption rate ended up doubling. That is according to information from Realm, which is a mobile development platform. The Android app developers then began using Kotlin, and within a few months the adoption rate doubled on Android apps.

Kotlin Soon to Overtake Java As Google Shows Support

It seems that Google showing support for this language is a huge factor for Android app developers. If the numbers continue at the rate they are going, it will have 51 percent of the market share by December 2018. That would surpass Java as the main programming language used in Android.

The Android developers look at this new language as being similar to Swift. Swift is a programming language that Apple has introduced for the iOS apps. Swift was much easier to use and it ended up surpassing the Objective-C language as the main choice for iOS developers. Now, Google has a version of the same situation with Kotlin for Android apps.

There was a lawsuit that Oracle had filed against Google, which could also be at play here. Oracle said that Google used APIs from Java inside of Android. Oracle then wanted a huge payment from Google, so that is when Google began looking for Java alternatives. It had been one of the favorites to replace Java, with Swift and Dart also being options.

It is very popular all over the world right now, with it being a huge hit over in Germany. This language is also is super popular in India, America, and Brazil. The popularity and overall thoughts about this language seem to have only grown since Google announced it would be working with Kotlin to support Android apps. We have to think that at some point down the road Java will be completely out of Android, especially given the lawsuit by Oracle.